You keep asking "WHY?" Well....Here's WHY!

Now, I'm not trying to knock any GSoMer's on here, but I keep hearing people questioning every move we have made this off season, and keep saying this guy or that guy is a horrible acquisition, but I just don't see your reasoning? Don't get me wrong, I love my Dub's and like most homers I get attached to the players. You root for guys like Barnes with his career on the brink of extinction, who all of a sudden resurrects himself to help the Dubs end the 13 year drought, or Azubuike who makes a name for himself in the D-League only to step up in the absence of our beloved J-Rich and become another fan favorite, Pietrus, the crazy/funny Frenchy who we drafted and came w// the hopes of "Air France", I'm not even going to get into the whole Baron debacle.

But here's the bottom line....Baron bolted for the Clips(I don't care who's fault it was),Pietrus wanted a bigger role and signed w/ the Magic, Barnes barely made the rotation last year and is now a Sun, and Azubuike will be joining Baron the LaLa Land.

Aside from Baron, the impact the rest of these guys had on the squad was minimal. Pietrus did a great job trying to become a 4 and rebound/defend for us, Buike did great as a starter for a short while, but just couldn't put it together consistently off the bench(Yeah, we know he was injured, it showed in his lack of hops/mobility), and Barnes, well, he just kind of fell off.

So I want to address all of you who have asked "Why?" This guy or that guy, and how I've heard some say " I don't see how he fits?" I've put together my scouting reports on these guys and compared them to a need for the Warriors or a deficiency that they fill.

Mags: This guys is the NBA equivalent of an up the middle running back, he just gets there. His ability to get to the rim, get fouled and get points from the stripe at 81% is something the Warriors have lacked for a few years now. How many of us sat there and got increasingly frustrated when we would keep throwing up 3's or settling for jumpers when we had a diminishing lead or the opposing team had a big name shot blocker in the paint? Not to mention he shot 45% from the field and 39% from long range last year? This guys 22 ppg will dramatically lessen the loss of Baron points. GREAT pick up, and adds a dimension the Warriors have lacked for quite some time.

Ronny: Lets see, he's described everywhere as a "High Energy" guy who comes off the bench to Rebound, Block Shots, and provide some good Hustle and Defense? Yet some say they don't know why we would pick him up? THIS is a combination of EVERYTHING the Warriors lacked last year. People feel we needed a Low-Post scorer, which on some teams would be essential, but with Nellie Ball, the rock wouldn't slow down enough to get to the post that often. So instead, we pick up another good big, in the mold of Biendrins who can bang with the low-post scorers that dominated us down low in the paint through out last season. At 6'10", 250 Lbs, he's not the "Ideal" 5 spot for teams, but in Nellie's Run-Gun style, you betcha he is.(Don't forget he can hit a 18-19 footer pretty consistently) Another great fit for the team.

Marcus Williams: Ok..coming out of college, everyone had him pegged as the best "Pure PG" in the draft. He hasn't panned out for the Nets. Don't get it twisted, he is NOT J-Kidd. Kidd plays at a whole different pace than we do, the Nets were molded around him. For a young, highly touted PG to fill those shoes? It's a ton of pressure. Watchin him @ UConn, the kid CAN play, he excelled in the open floor, he's got great court vision and handles, he has struggled in the half court set when trying to create a little too much for himself, he would be better suited on a team that can get up and down quickly so he can emphasize his strong points...Oh!...Wait! A team JUST like ours!! This is a gamble, but just like Mike DunNothin was NOT a good fit for our squad, now he's got Indy fans eating out of the palm of his hands, I'm sure the Warriors are hoping he'll be a product of his environment and develop into the PG he was supposed to be. (Oh..he's a 38% 3pt shooter also) So another good move that spells Monta(Yes he'll be a backup) at the 1 spot.

Mo Evans: Why O' Why didn't we just keep Azubuike??? Well, we don't know if we will or not, you can speculate we won't match because of this signing. But either way, it doesn't take away from Evans being a good(cheap) pickup. The guy can play in this league, he's proven it. He's got good D, he's a good athletic scorer w/ hops, can hit the 3 well, his knocks are his handles, so he's better suited for a 3 than a 2, but is under sized for that position on most teams...but NOT Nellie Ball. His game does remind me allot of Azubuike's but his 48%(+4%) from the floor and 39%(+3%) from 3pt land are BETTER than Kelenna's stats last year AND he's cheaper! How is this not a good pick up??

Update: Great to see Azubuike back, a little more expensive than Evans, but good to see the organization bring back a fan favorite.

I know we all root for our guys, and get attached, but people, this is a business, I would be all for beating down Mulson's door if they were just playing pick-up sticks with our roster after Baron bailed, BUT if you take a step back, count to 10 and rub your ear lobes while saying "OOOOSSSSAAA", you'll see that we're adding key pieces that do indeed fit our play style, and in fact, one can argue that the players we picked up, will see a significant improvement to they're production and numbers, while the guys that have decided to bail, will almost certainly see a drop, so goes Nellie Ball

We'll see during the season how things play out, but I believe the subtraction of Baron has jaded some of us, while other have noticed that the sum of the pieces which we have been added have essentially replaced what we'd be missing.

Keep Believing GSoMer''s what's gotten us this far in the first place.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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