To all you cynics..and loyal fans too..2 cents please

The moves by chris mullin for better or worse have been decent moves at the time. he repented for his sins paying foyle, murphy, and dunleavy by the trades and buyout. for those of u who think trading jrich was a mistake we got maggette for cheaper. id like to praise him for getting somebody on my dream sheet. marcus williams. dude is very low risk, high reward. he played baron's situation like he should have and well look like winners in two years when he gets fat and happy. dont get me wrong. i love bdiddy and think he is top 5 most unstoppable players is the nba, but only when motivated. i wish mullin had gavin petrius what he got in orlando instead of overpaying maggette but i can live with that move considering barons money off the books. next move TRADE AL HARRINGTON. he still has untapped potential but wont realize it here. get his 10 mil off the books if you can but i guess since he comes off for the 2010 coveted FA class then theres no rush. Am i the only who this that we need to play turiaf WITH biedrins and not as a sub? i for one am tired of getting killed by the likes of Clandry, Pmillsap, Jmaxiell, Tduncan, Abynum, Amare,Bbass,zach,KG,brand, chandler and eveeryone else who has career highs against us too name a few. goose cant guard them all with 4 perimeter players on the court! if we upgrade the 4 spot and monta or marcus step up at point we are contenders. AL and Bwright needs to go. my new dream sheet consists of rashweed wallace and jsmoove. i love rashweeds expiring 13 mil for next season. can hit the 3. great D length with moderate girth and crazy intensity to bring back that swag from 06-07. with turiaf as the servicable backup to both him and goose.

Plan A

point - monta (hope forthe best)

wings - sjack and maggette

4 and 5 - ronny and goose

Plan B

point - marcus (hope for the best)

monta and maggette on the wing

goose in the middle

either sjack or ronny depending on the machups..

Plan C

trade for a 4 spot that can fill our needs..hell, zachR fills them offensively

I went to vegas to check out our picks and let me tell you guys we got a superstar in randolph 3 or 4 years down the line. this kid is lamar odom reincarnated to be more aggressive with oh so sweet passing to boot!! i cant get too erect from the same feeling i had with belli last year but damn. dude is raw! i dont hear nobody givin mullin his props for the drafts he been involved in. even murphy was agreat pick til they overpaid him.

I found this site a few days ago and now cant stay off it to concentrate on my hwk..i was wondering where all the junkies were thinkin i was the only one for the dubz.. 

last thoughts..

package harrington and bwright for something expiring

play beidrins WITH ronny

serious look at wallace

inquire about jsmoove

give marcus serious PT (at least 25min per game)

stephen, please brush more shoulders or (IE barons dunk on AK47)

as a die hard id like too see these things happen and curious to know what other die hards think but if ur ignorant to the cap or dont know what ur talking about please dont bother. no disrespect but id prefer to hear from other junkies..

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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