Warrior's future

Hey all,

      I'm originally from Blazer's Edge, but I've been somewhat following the Warriors off and on (I remember Run TMC, though I was actually equally fond of Run TSC.  Not to mention one of your backup points from the 90-91 season.  Pritchard was the name, I believe).  

      It goes without saying that I have been following them to an extent in the Baron years as well, and have been wondering about where you guys go from here, and just about team building in general.  Some thoughts and questions: 

It seems like teams are generally successful one of two ways: (a) draft/obtain your core around the same time, and add-on minor pieces (San Antonio, Portland), (b) add the missing ingredients to a mostly assembled/homegrown team (Detroit adding Sheed).  I've seen Portland do both (the former they are doing right now, examples of the latter would be the Buck Williams trade or the Scottie Pippen signing).  Anything in-between resulted in competitive teams that were predictably gone by the end of the semifinals, if even that much.

I don't have the same level of knowledge of GS as I do Portland (obviously), so my questions to you guys are these:

Where do you see the Warriors in terms of development now?  They have some good/potentially good young pieces right now.  I see them as possibly in the Detroit mold, where in a few cohesive years they will be a free agent away from being a strong playoff team (assuming the development of Wright and Randolph).

Where were they before Davis left?  48 games in any year is good, but especially this year (though paradoxically, it also meant it wasn't enough).  At the same time, Portland was 7 games back without Oden or defense, and the team that got in ahead of you (Denver) got their usual playoff exit.  Though Baron and Jax are in their primes, and Eliis is emerging, was the team really on the cusp of contending?  No one was too old, and not many were really too young, but the mix just didn't seem quite right.  Put another way, I have a hard time seeing a time with Croshere and Hudson as the most veteran players in the Finals.  Is that just the uninformed voyeurism of someone who likes but isn't knowledgeable about the Warriors?

What about Nellie?  Regardless of his past comings and goings, is there a sense of how long he will be sticking around?  Hubie was coaching at a much older age, but how long do you think Nellie sticks around?  I'm not talking about next year or the year after.  I'm talking down the line in 4-5 years or beyond.  I know that would be rare for any coach in the league (it seems, anyway), but the answer helps me figure out my next question:

Where do you go from here?  Reload with free agents?  Clear space for 2010?  Develop from the ground up + Ellis?  Ultimately, is Golden State close enough to make the leap (now or in a couple years) to elite, or is the dreaded reconstruction word going to be passed around?   If GS doesn't reconstruct, what do you see them doing to distinguish themselves as a playoff team (i.e., Portland had 21 consecuative playoff appearances, but only five were memorable. they were mostly a predictable first round exit, though no one was excited to play them)?


Sorry if this post was sloppily constructed or rehashing a lot of current discussions, but I am very interested to see what will happen, and am not very good at getting a feel for teams by just reading diaries and posts of the true fans, but rather, through discussions that directly speak to my lack of knowledge.  Also, as a kid I loved Mullin, and kind of want some assurance for the 10 year old within that he is still on some level awesome (or at least a competent visionary) and can make things work.  Seeing so many heroes have front office trouble has been sometimes hard to take.  Excepting Joe Dumars.  He has been awesome.


This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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