The PG solution...and then some


First off, let's expect the worst-case scenario and say that EB will choose to remain a Clipper...

Most Dubs fans, including myself, strongly believes that the lack of leadership at the PG position will stifle our run-and-gun offense and consequently weaken the potentials in Monta and Brandan Wright (among others) on the offensive ends.   Many names are being thrown in the air as possible replacements (i.e. Crittenton, Hinrich, Jason Williams, Livingston...), yet none of these guys really have what it takes to run our team's offense. 

The most plausible candidate in this case that is within our reach is Chauncey Billups, a veteran elite PG and the next best thing after B Diddy, CP3, D-Will, Nash, Parker, and Kidd.  Comparing to the list of second-tier PGs mentioned above (Crittenton, Hinrich…), Billups is without a question the best player who, coupled with Monta in the backcourt, can guide the Dubs back to the playoffs with his very solid long-range game (40.1% 3-pointer last season) along with 6.8 assists/game, not to mention the guy can also cover for Monta’s defensive liability.  The Pistons are obviously looking to shake up their roster after yet another disappointment in the NBA Finals run.  Using the extra money we have from Davis' opt-out, we should offer to sign Maggette at around $8 to 9 mil per, significantly higher than the mid-level exception that he would get signing with other teams, thus ensuring that he will sign with us.  Then, we offer Maggette, Pietrus (who we will resign at $5 mil per), Harrington, and draft rights to Randolph to the Pistons in exchange for Chauncey Billups and Tayshaun Prince.  This deal should be very appealing to the Pistons since Maggette could fill in Prince's spot as a much bulkier forward who can score in the open floor and Randolph is in essence a younger Prince with arguably the same amount of potential.  Pietrus is who the Pistons have been actively seeking for as a swingman coming off the bench and Harrington can replace slightly older McDyess in the starting line-up. Pending further developments during the upcoming season, Harrington would become very expendable come February and can be used as a valuable trading chip that could further improve their roster, hence helping to make the deal even more attractive.   Now, we have a veteran, battle-tested, ring-wearing PG in Billups AKA Mr. Big Shot and a versatile forward who can rebound and shoot the trey in Prince, who we can play at the 4.  Instead of risking losses that can cost our play-offs push by starting Wright, now we can have him come off the bench and split minutes with a veteran and all-star material forward. 

Warriors Line-up:                                                        Pistons Line-up:

PG Billups/C.J Watson/ Anthony Carter?               Rodney Stuckey/

SG: Monta/ Marco Bellinelli                                       Rip Hamilton/ Pietrus

SF: Jackson/ Buike/ Wright                                       Maggette/

PF: Prince/ Wright                                                       Harrington/ McDyess

C: Biedrins/ Hendrix                                                   Wallace/ Maxiell

Your thoughts?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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