Dream Team and Zito

Watching the current USA basketball team reminds me of watching the Dream Team of old.   Kind of made me think about ideals and how we view players and teams.   The name the "Dream Team" sets the stage for an NBA team that will never exist.  Therefore every team fan shall see shortcomings from every player on their team; unless they have Lebron or whoever. 

What I want to draw attention to is how fans respond to players based on their contracts.  I felt nothing but pity for Barry Zito, unitl tonight when he shut down the Padre's  for 8 innings.   Even though Zito has received so much crap for under-preforming based on his salary, he came back through adversary tonight with what we must understand as an uphill battle.

This brings me to another topic:  Al Harrington.   If you true fans remember, Mullin sought after Al for years.  The dubs wanted a versatile SF/PF that could shoot the 3, (Al had the best % in the league), and they got one of the best big men that could shoot.   Now a few years down the line, TMNT is burden.  His contract is too high.  To that I say F that!  Al has done great for the team through much effort.  People who stil complain about him not being able to finish well must understand that if he could both finsh close and far, he would cost more than he already does. 

What do we want?  We want Monta to be a mix of Tony Parker and CP3.....I can actually see that happening.  He already finishes better than Tony, and with what Baron taught him from the BD J-Rich show, I can definitely see some allie oops al la randolph/wright/biedrins

At SG, we have no LeBron.  We have Azi and Beli that are all athleticism and shooting respectively.  Deal with being limited.  Kevin Martin or others would be better, but we have to use what we have.

Randolph will be the next KG.  This has been said many times, but it would be at least a year before he could be a consistant starter.  Though he will be great, I would say that his best upside is that he is playing with Wright every practice.....can you imagine how long, (length)  they will play?   The talent and practice will pay off in a few years.

Back to my main point; without mentioning Maggette. We have many players that have not proved their worth on the Dubs for their contracts.  Ellis, Biedrins, Al and Maggette may all fall short of our and  the front office hope's.  It is easy for fans to hate on individuals for being payed a lot and not doing well.  It is being a fan, to know that our boys will come through this season with solid wins.  I think it may take a year for the playoffs but I would not be surprised if this team could pull it off.

My main point:  Even though as fans we should be critical about every player at every time, support your team and don't talk $hit about players that are doing their best and might just need your support to be their best.  Al can win games.  Ellis will eventually perform at his level.   What I think will happen is Ellis or B might underperform and lead to a hate movement based on early performance and his payscale.


This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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