Injury time/weaknesses/depth

What got me thinking about this was some post on where some dude basically says he sees Randolph getting 27 mins a game next year, followed by a Chad Ford article about how the dubs did nothing to improve their weaknesses.

Which made me think thats a load of crap, and thats even more of a load of crap!

First, I think any sane Warrior fan will agree with me, AR will not average 27 mins a game next yeat nuff said,

Second, the Dubs did everything to strenghten their weaknesses first of which being depth. Some people wondered why give up a pick for Marcus Williams when we have CJ? Its simple, depth. Im kinda happy knowing that if Ellis, or Williams get hurt we got CJ around. I cant see Ellis and Marcus both playing 82 games each so you know CJ is gonna get some run eventually.

Why get Corey Maggette when  we have Azubuike and why resign bookie when we just payed Maggette? Its simple, depth. I like knowing that Bookie, Jax, and Maggette will be manning down our 2-3 spots, while Bellinelli and Randolph wait in the wings for some of those minutes. It seems Magette is pretty fragile, good for about 65 a season. Jax and Bookie wont both play 82 each either. Im happy knowing Marco and Anthony will be swooping up those minutes because they both bring a unique a set of intangibles to the table, although very raw.

Why not trade Harrington since we have Wright and possibly Randolph waiting in the wings? Once again my friends the simple answer is depth! I kinda like knowing that if Big Al goes down my team has two freakishly long young possible stars waiting to gobble up those minutes.

The Turiaf signing is a no brainer because hes a real improvement in some weak areas. (Come on Chad Ford) Anyone can see that signing adresses some huge issues we struggled with last season.

Main issue last year was depth (Of course rebounding, defense, and freethrow shooting too). Nelly ran our guys to death last year and obviously overused some of our starters, This year we have depth so while our starters rest we will get really solid contributions from our bench.

Dont get it twisted though I fully believe Nelly is going for it all next year, and he better be. This is why I like our coach, he's about winning and he'll take risks to win. I do think he'll still ride his horses to the brink, Im  just glad this year he has more horses to ride with.

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