the Warriors have two of the nine MOST "overpaid" NBA players

Mike Kahn’s at it again on the Dubs - Guess who is NOT one of the most overpaid NBA players?

Well, according to Kahn of ESPN the Warriors have two of the nine "overpaid" NBA players. Is anyone else starting to get annoyed at this guys reporting?

Before letting you in on who he left out (someone that almost everyone on GSoM would predict from Mullin's signings this past summer), let’s look at the two Kahn asserts were overpaid.

6-year, $66 million: "Were it not for the serious ankle injury and surgery of last week we may not have even brought up Monta Ellis or his contract."



Well isn’t that a nice bit of hindsight being 20-20 vision?! Seriously this guy is starting to really rake on the nerves. He doesn’t do any reporting, he just sniffs & riffs off of current events and does little or no analysis in real time at all. Hell, even all the hyperkinetic Monta posts here on GSoM at least TRY to analyze rather than react ex post facto. If Monta hadn’t gotten his foot stuck on that fire escape landing ….

Ok, as for choice #2

6 years, $54 million: "he's still kind of stiff and he may not improve much from where he is now (.524 career free throw percentage that did rise to .620 last season). For a quality big man, maybe any contract averaging less than eight figures a year is reasonable, but we're talking about someone who just averaged 10.5 points, 9.8 rebounds and 1.2 blocks"



Does Kahn provide ANY context? Does he do any comparisons? Hell even real estate agents have to do comps – and the market determines value in both cases. AB isn’t a stiff, and he certainly isn’t on the downside of his career. Where does Kahn get his insights? Is it possible he’s got a hard-on for the hometown boys?

For a previous example of his anti-Warrior bias, see Kahn SLAMS GSW

And, as for who SO MANY of you had to be predicting were in Kahn’s top nine:



Corey didn’t make the top 9! Maybe he’d have been 10th? Maybe if Monta's injury hadn't ...? In any case, not even Kahn could put 3 of the top 10 overpaid players from one team – what would that say about Mullin? Come on, you can’t say you’re not surprised.

Why isn’t this guy getting more flaming comments on his articles? I mean, ya know, GSoM is one of if not the highest hit sites on the circuit. Maybe I’m the only one put off by his slanted and shallow reporting.

Maybe not. What say you let him know yourself?

Kahn's Article

Drop in your comments your #1 candidate for most overpaid NBA player - I'll bet we can get at least 10 to top Kahn's.



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