Polling GSoM: Who won the 2007 Warriors-Pacers trade?

The year is 2007. Don Nelson and Warriors Nation (all 17 of us back then!) are understandably frustrated. The Warriors' roster is inherently flawed and there seems to be no way out of it with Chris Mullin foolishly locking the team into ludicrous long term deals with the likes of Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy, Adonal Foyle, and wasting lottery picks on Ike Diogu and Patrick O'Bryant. Something, anything needs to happen. Good god it was awful and even the hoops mastermind Nellie couldn't navigate this disaster to .500 ball.


And so it began.

BAM! On January 17, 2007 some how, some way the Pacers were douped into swallowing the outrageous Mullin gifted contracts of two flawed forwards who simply can't play together on the court because of their Charmin soft defense, 1 Mullin lottery bust, and a journeyman for what help lay the foundation for the We Believe movement in the Bay Area. I don't think I have to tell you what happened next.

Make the jump for a ride into the wayback machine and a look at where the 8 are at now and vote it up!

Flip back to the archives (writings and comments) about that trade. It's pretty entertaining- way more than this Unwatchable Baby! season.

2006-2007 Report Cards:

2005-2006 Report Cards:

A quick look at the 8 players 2 years later:

  • Troy Murphy: Still a cool cat who is posting up meaningless double-doubles nightly. I sometimes wonder about an Andris Biedrins-Troy Murphy 4-5 pairing. Both are terribly soft defenders, but offensively I'm sold on their inside-outside combo. Murph could draw out some of the bigs with him midrange and 3pt J and Biedrins could continue his sneaky putbacks and finishes under the radar. The defensive rebounding with these two would be... off the glass! (Only Warrior fans are delusional enough to think this sort of pairing is good. Talk about low standards!)
  • Mike Dunleavy: Still a whiner who doesn't know the meaning of personal responsibility, but at least he's figured out how to put up meaningless stats on a losing team. Remember he'd routinely pollute the boxscore with 0's on mediocre Monty-coached Dubs teams, so this is somewhat of an accomplishment for this bust with a bad attitude who got unearned playing time and a fat contract because he was a Mullin pet.
  • Ike Diogu: This lottery bust is currently riding the pine for the Portland Trail Blazers. Hakim Warrick would've been nice (my pick way back then). Danny Granger even better (chacabuco). Ike? Not much to like.
  • Keith McLeod: Waived by the Dallas Mavericks back in October of this season.
  • Al Harrington: His masterful defense in the post and 3pt shooting were a big reason the Dubs miraculously qualified for the 2007 season. After that spring it pretty much went downhill. Nellie rode him hard- probably too hard- and Al pouted his way to the Big Apple. It's too bad it didn't work out here for Harrington- he was a great guy in the community and by all accounts a really nice guy.
  • Stephen Jackson: Who would've thought at the time of the trade, he'd be the best player of the 8? He's become a fan favorite in Oakland and aside from the turnovers and low rebounding totals, there isn't much the Warriors could have asked from Stephen. He has rehabbed his image and transformed into a really cool cat here in the Bay. Major props to him.
    On the court Jack is an okay 3rd offensive option on a winning team. He makes a great 4th option and a fantastic 5th option (ask the San Antonio Snores). Too bad the Warriors roster has been so poorly managed and Monta became Moped Ellis he's been made into this team's #1 option. Equally unfortunate because Warriors President Robert Rowell doesn't have clue, Jack was given a big unnecessary extension to past summer handicapping this team's cap number for years, possibly triggered by overpaying Corey Maggette in the offseason.
  • Sarunas Jasikevicius: Simply not athletic enough for the NBA and out of the league. Ever wonder what he would be if Nellie mistakenly played him more back in 2007? See Belinelli, Marco in 2009- and that's not a good thing. Despite his lack of NBA-ness, NO ONE can deny his fantastic cheering from the bench during We Believe. That was some legendary stuff.
  • Josh Powell: Currently starting for the LA Fakers because of injuries. I project him to be a journeyman in this league for a long time. Powell's a solid 10th-12th man. Nothing less, nothing more.
Also in case you missed last night's W courtesy of a MIke Dunleavy misfire (those seem to go hand in hand at the Roaracle)...

Corey Maggette: "Is this guy seriously about to airball a layup?"

via d.yimg.com


Dun using his "smarts" on this fantastic box-out!

via d.yimg.com


Dunleavy showing off his improved man-to-man D.

via d.yimg.com


Dun taking it up "strong".

via d.yimg.com


Corey: "No seriously man- what are you doing?"

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