RECAP: Preseason Game #4- Golden State Warriors 104, Phoenix Suns 101- Chocolate Raining on Indian Wells

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Warrior Wonders are the for the regular season and playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!), but if I could hand out one for tonight's fantastic meaningless preseason win you know exactly who it would go to. The man we call Chocolate Rain and AMMO.

Jump for some links from around the web in this preseason mini-recap. 

Suns Fall Short Against Warriors, 104-101 - Bright Side Of The Sun

Last night the Phoenix Suns lost to the Golden State Warriors 104-101 in a preseason game that was held outdoors in Indian Wells, CA. As with most preseason games, the outcome means little. And while any NBA game played outdoors means even less than one played indoors, I do think the Suns played pretty well last night.  


Exhibition #4: Ws vs. Suns - Inside the Warriors - with Marcus Thompson

Morrow is clearly not impacted by the outside conditions. He was 6-for-10 from the field at the half. A few of his 3-pointers were of the net-didn’t-move variety. He caught fire in the fourth quarter. He scored 13. He was creating his own shot off the dribble. His pull-up, mid-range looked good. The dude can shoot like nobody’s business. He finished 11-for-21 with 30 points to go with six rebounds. Everyone else shot 39.7 percent from the field.

CURRY: "Anytime he gets any kind of open look, you expect it to go in."

MORROW: "You can’t really tell you’re outside. Such great weather. It’s warm. Not a lot of wind. … I work on my game every day. Not just catch and shoot."  


Warriors 104 Suns 101 " Feltbot's Warriors Blog

Stephen Curry If Don Nelson, as has been rumored, sacrificed the Biedrins for Stoudemire trade — and if he sacrificed the continued committment to the Warriors of Stephen Jackson — and if he risked the disgruntlement of Monta Ellis — in order to draft Stephen Curry…



48   " (Exhibition) Game No. 4: Warriors vs. Suns, live

The one interesting thing Reggie Miller has said tonight (among a whole lot of hot air), was pointing out how Stephen Curry must learn to go to his right; teams scouting his preseason tapes will overplay him to his left in short order. My add: It’s similar to Monta’s inability to go left, something he has worked hard on over the years to correct. 


Ellis, Curry are the same but different [Examiner]

Ellis' five assists Saturday came one five jump shots, including a Kelenna Azubuike 3-pointer. On Friday, when Ellis had eight assists, two came on 3-pointers and three others were on mid-range shots. Because Ellis likes to drive and dish, his assist numbers will often depend on how well his teammates are shooting. He may do everything right, but if Stephen Jackson, who was suspended for Saturday's game, _Morrow" class="sbn-auto-link">Anthony Morrow, Azubuike and even Curry aren't hitting shots, he won't be rewarded statistically.

Curry, meanwhile, may be shooting just 32.5 percent from the floor (14-of-43) in the preseason, but he's known as a perimeter marksman and will get defenders rushing at him to prevent open looks. If help defenders come off other perimeter shooters, Curry tends to make the extra pass to set up open shots, which go down much more frequently when there's no defender in sight. If the help comes from post defenders, Curry can find his big men down low for easy baskets. On Saturday, four of his seven assists were on layups or dunks -- the other three were on Morrow 3-pointers. On Friday, his eight assists broke down to three on layups or dunks, three on short-range jumpers and two on 3-pointers. 


There's of course plenty of "Captain" Jack drama to cover (see the Story Stream about Stephen Jackson's suspension), but let's forget about that for a minute and enjoy this W and the rebirth of this fun Morrow poll (hopefully we'll be able to do this many times this season).

Watching the Dubs last night I sure didn't miss the "Captain". Did you? Maybe all we need is an extra spoon of curry.

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