Feeling Optimistic (kind of)

I have been a faithful Warriors fan for most of my life and I am more excited about the players we have now then I have been in a while.  I do not expect this years team to do extremely well.  I figure the Warriors will do what they do best and finish somewhere in between the 9th and 13th worst record in the league.  They will miss they playoffs (and not be particularly close to making it.  Not even close enough to make it exciting at the end of the year) and they will finish with a good enough record that they will have almost no chance at a top three draft pick (which would be so exciting to get!!!).

With that said, I am feeling somewhat optimistic about our roster and its (get ready for the "p" word...)  Potential  As I already stated, I think this year will be frustrating in regards to our record, but I think it could still be a fun year.  I was not expecting everyone (Even the rookie hating coach) to be so hyped up about Curry.  I thought that he might be a bust.  If not a bust, I thought that he would be the second coming of M Dunleavy.  A player who could shoot and score tons in college who would become a decent NBA player.  It seems that I may have been wrong from everything that I am hearing recently, and we will all get to see for ourselves very soon!  (!!!!)

Also, don't for get about Moped...  I mean Monta Ellis.  Sure, he lied.  Sure hes said some dumb things.  Sure, I don't think he will ever develop into a legitimate number one option.  But he could be a really good second or third option, or even option 1B or 1C (as shown two years ago when Jack, B Diddy, and Moped switched roles from night to night on who was the go to guy).  He is a very good player, when healthy, and still very young.  We still don't know if he will be able to play with Curry, which means having an undersized shooting guard, but it could be exciting and fun to watch.


Buike is a solid young 3, though he will probably never be spectacular.


I don't think Randolf will ever be a 3, but I think he could be a vicious and ferocious 4.  As discussed often on this forum, he has the potential to become a KG or Bosh caliber player.  He has star power.


I've been impressed by Wright although I know many people haven't.  I think he can be a good NBA starter.  Maybe not a star, but I'm not convinced that he will not make at least one all-star team during his career (if he can stay healthy)

Biedrins is solid, as we all know.

So the Warriors seemingly have solid young players with lots of potential at every position.  Kinda exciting isn't it!!!!!

I just have one question.  If Randolf becomes a super star then I think these players can go a long way and possibly even bring a championship home.  Think about it.  If all these players reach their "full potential"  this team could be real good, for a very long time.

This leads me to my question.  Do you think these players will get good enough, and work well enough together that they can turn into a good, playoff caliber team?  Obviously thats the goal, but does that seem realistic to you?  I think that these players could become good enough that the Dubs could be a perennially playoff team, but I don't really see them bring home a championship.  As I see it, everything hinges on Randolf.  If he can become a top 3 Power Forward in this league the the sky is the limit.  If Randolf cannot become a perennial all-star then the best I can see the Dubs doing is barely making the playoffs for years to come.

How do you feel about these players.  If everyone can stay healthy, what would the Dubs look like in 3 years if they kept these players together without making significant changes?  What is the best you see them doing, what is the worst, and what do you think they would actually do 3 years from now?

Since I do not forsee a surprise playoff berth this year, its fun to speculate about the future.  Go dubs!

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