Boycotting the Warriors / Different Cleveland trade

First off in regards to this boycotting the Warriors talk:

Its never going to happen so we might as well just stop throwing out ridiculous ideas.  Would I like to see "Fire Rowell" billboard signs, only 5,000 people show up at the arena, crowd chanting "Sell the Team"....hell yes I would.  I would be in total favor of that.  Im not going to waste your time telling you guys things we already know.  We know this team is flawed from top to bottom, from owner down to the make up of the team.  This team will never be where we want it to be with Cohan, Rowell and Nelson leading the charge.  Its as simple as that.  All this whining and complaining just needs to stop.

With that said Warrior fans are just too loyal and support the team way too much to boycott it.  This franchise doesnt deserve this kind of fan base but as long as Cohan knows he can put "potential" out on the court he knows at least 15k will always come out to a game. 

As for trading Jackson to Cleveland rumors:

I have read these and  multiple scenarious presented by other people on this site.  I do agree Jackson needs to be moved and at this point I almost dont care what we get back.  I wanted to take this Cleveland trade up a notch and see if Danny Ferry would really go for it since everyone in Cleveland is scared Lebron is leaving.

Id say trade Jackson and Maggette (him along with nelson probably is the reason why the warriors lost last night) and maybe a filler like Law for Shaq.  I think Shaq makes 20 Mil and I think those three guys cover that trade.  Jack would help that team providing another scorer along with Maggette off the bench.  Im not saying we use Shaq, we do the deal by telling them we would buy out shaq allowing him to go back to CLE in 30 days.

Im just throwing it out there.  Im doing the trade for the sole reason of letting all the young guys play since I know cap room will do this team no good because A.) No superstar wants to play here and B.) Rowell will just use it stupidly.

I think that would be the greatest thing Warrior fans can hope for but I'd still do the Jack for Z trade also.

I hope you guys know the game last night is exactly what we can expect from our beloved Warriors this year.  They will continue to make role players look like superstars and while you might be entertained just keep in mind thats followed by another losing season.

Basically the Warriors are only good for those lonely nights when your girl is busy.  With that said...Go Dubs!!!!  Ha Ha

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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