Exploring possible trade with Detroit

We all like to create our own ideal trade scenarios with the Warriors. Based on previous and current information, I think this would be a great deal for both teams and I will explain why. Keep in mind, if this were to realistically be a possibility, I would strongly assume it would happen near the all-star break rather than sooner.


Detroit receives: Stephen Jackson, Monta Ellis, (possibly C.J. Watson)

Golden State receives: T. Prince, Ben Gordon


Obviously, this deal would reconstruct both teams and would derail the Pistons' long term desires to have Ben Gordon as their starting 2 guard, but both teams would be better after the deal.

Reasons why the Pistons would want Monta Ellis vs. Ben Gordon: He gives them a more athletic backcourt paired with the 6-5 Rodney Stuckey. The Pistons seem to be changing the style of their team to a scoring culture with the latest additions of Villanueva and Gordon. Monta would work much better in their offense with Charlie V. as he would draw defenses with his drive and be able to kick out to Villanueva, allowing him to do what he does best on offense. While Ben Gordon, he is more effective with the ball in his hands, creating his own shot from mid-range. Defensively, Monta is compatible with a big guard like Stuckey, and can spell the point guard position as well. Something Ben Gordon can not do. RIP Hamilton's game contrasts Monta's well coming off the bench. Hamilton provides better defense and does some of the same things Gordon does best, like coming off screens, catching and shooting the ball.

Reasons why the Warriors would want Ben Gordon vs. Monta Ellis: Curry and Gordon would be absolutely remarkable together. Gordon is a strong, compact, player who moves well without the ball. His pure shooting ability, along with Stephen Curry's uncanny ability to get his teammates open shots, would give us and unstoppable force of ammunition and clout with Curry, Gordon, and Morrow in the game at the same time. See, Monta is not nearly the shooter Gordon is, but he's twice the athlete. Monta needs the ball in his hands initially to be most effective, he doesn't need somebody to find him for good three point looks or jumpers off of screens, as much as a Gordon does. Curry would find Ben Gordon with money passes every time. Gordon also has more size, giving our backcourt a little more toughness and competitiveness on the defensive end, while refining our offense.


Reasons why the Pistons would want Stephen Jackson: Given the rumors are true that Mullin had a deal all but signed, sealed, and delivered with Detroit for Tayshaun Prince, you can't help but suspect that they would still want him, after the season he had last year. Keep in mind, this supposed deal was on after the whole brawl in the stands went down. Compared to that, do you really think Jackson's loud mouth trade demands would impact their opinion of the man more than him swinging blows at a popcorn weilding fan? No. They still want him, and he would bring that toughness and grit Detroit is famous for possessing. His friendship with Monta would sweeten the deal from a chemistry aspect, making the transition smoother. It's not as if Gordon is settled in at this point, anyways.


Reasons why the Warriors would want T. Prince: "I like skinny players." Just kidding. But hey, Prince is a skinny, athletic, 6-9 who can shoot the three, play premium perimeter defense, keep his mouth shut, and handle the ball a bit. Somebody Randolph could learn from. His game fits some of our immediate needs, and he brings some discipline to our team offensively. We don't have to worry about Prince hogging the ball and putting up stupid 3's. He will make the open shot and bust his rear on defense. He can help Randolph when he's struggling against some of the better, lighter PF's, when AR is stacking up the fouls. He can obviously guard the 3, and some nights against bigger 2's like Rudy Gay and such. He's a glue guy who sets the tone on defense. He could set up Randolph for some beautiful weak side blocks, he really rides guys nicely all the way to the rim.

Why I would throw in C.J. Watson: 1. He's leaving anyway. 2. We don't have the minutes he deserves. 3. It would help them find more reason in trading Gordon for Ellis, since they are similar players in a sense. 4. It would give them depth at the point behind Bynum. 5. Watson is capable of becoming the pure shooter Monta is not, plays better defense, and spells some of the perimeter fire power lost given a Gordon departure.


What do you guys think?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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