Don't trade Stephen Jackson

Ever since our We Believe team, this team has slowly lost its pieces, one by one, and each time we hear a similar line of reasoning: we're a better team without x player. we have someone else who can do just as well or even better with the minutes freed up. we'll have more cap space.

Perhaps fourth time's the charm (JRich, BD, Al Harrington, Stack is #4). But i don't want to risk it anymore... I would rather have someone I know, no matter how limited, instead of banking on potential. I'm tired of potential, whether it's potential in youth, potential in cap flexibility... our franchise doesn't know how to cultivate potential and is terrible with cap space when we do have it.

Some of the reasons will be more objective while some will just be emotional gushing. Nevertheless, no one else has posted to try and keep our still de-facto captain and I think it's paramount to the Warrior's future that he stays, so I'll give it a shot.

Why Jackson shouldn't be traded:

1.) Emotional rant =/= Trade. Kobe Bryant two years ago was crying to be traded: there was video, interviews, crying and moaning etc. They kept him. Stephen Jackson is an emotional guy; sometimes he says stupid things, and much of what he said about the organization and its confusion wasn't necessarily wrong. It hurt a lot of feelings, yeah, but feelings can be patched. Don't let a talent and leader like him go just cuz he is what he is: we can't get mad at him for raging when we knew he always had that in him and loved him exactly for that just last season.

2.) Addition by Subtraction doesn't work. At least, not for the Warriors in the last 15 years. Examples:


Sprewell --> Starks/Cummings/Mills = fail.

Jamison --> van exel + Dale Davis = bad.

Al Harrington --> Crawford = bad.

Jason Richardson --> B Wright = bad.

Crawford --> Point gaurd potpourri = bad.

Free Agency

Baron Davis  = terrible, we're still looking for that big 1 gaurd that can play with Monta.

Conversely, the only playoff season in the last fifteen years came because we benefited from someone else's "addition by subtraction" policy: Dale Davis + pick --> Baron Davis.

(Harrington + Jackson for Dunleavy + Murphy is purposely excluded because it was a win win and both teams received sufficient talent for what they gave up.)


3.) Jackson's skills. I think we can make a strong case that Jackson will be like Cliff Robinson, a player who's skills will erode very little as they do not depend on athleticism. Jackson's jumper works cuz he shoots it from behind his head, fisher style, and as such he rarely gets blocked. his fadeaway works in similar fashion. he doesn't drive with any sort of speed, just awkwardly... but it works. I know there's a glut of 2/3 on this team, and we need to get rid of someone... but I'd rather get rid of Ellis than Jackson because of the former's dependence on speed and the latter's reliance on smarts. And yes, Jackson is a smart player.

4.) I DON'T WANT TO LOSE HIM. This guy is a warrior. He has heart. he's the BEST TEAMMATE in the league. He loves us (the fans) and he loves his time here, he's just a dummy who stuck his foot in his mouth. I'd write more with perhaps more eloquence and persuasiveness but it's late here =( So i'll pass the mic to you guys. REmember, KEEP STACK JACK... LOYALTY DOESN'T DIE IN A FEW WEEKS

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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