Warrior Girls not allowed at end lines during games this season

I haven't posted anything this season yet, but I'm a new Golden State Warrior season ticket holder and I've gone to a number of games over the last few years via mini-plans and work discount tickets.  As up and down the team rollercoaster has been since “We Believe,” (or before "We Believe"- whatever suits you) the Warrior Girls have always had a presence at Oracle.  Something I've noticed in the team's first 3 home games this season is that we don't see the Warrior Girls that much anymore during the games.  Usually they sit at the end lines, but this season they are now in the locker room and don't come out until they actually perform.  Rumor is that someone complained about them being there?????  What?  At the Clippers game, everyone in my area jokingly said that the Warrior Girls were so embarrassed by the team performance that they didn't come out, but when we noticed the same thing during the Minnesota game, we started to wonder.  I talked to a couple of Warrior Girls and they did say that they aren't allowed to be on the court anymore unless it's a performance.

So with the team being as bad as they are right now and with all this turmoil, the Warriors keep promoting that "it's a great time out!," but by not having the WGs out there, how can it be a great time out???  When the game gets out of hand, it is always nice to see our Warrior Girls still cheering the team on and trying to keep the fans involved in the game.  The floor looks barren without them there.  Now, this might seem like nothing, but for the Season Ticket Holders out there, having the WGs there is part of this great package that we paid for the last 8-9 months of automatic deductions from our accounts and wouldn't you know it, during our last month of payments, this gets pulled?  If you think this policy or whatever it is should be changed, please contact your Warriors Ticket Rep or Account Services Executive to let them know you want them back out there or go to and send an email through one of the links there.

  • Captain Jack wants out.  I’m sure he was made promises by management that weren’t kept
  • Big moves promised by Riley after he replaced Mullin didn't happen (later he says, he didn’t say it would be this year)
  • Devon George, Mikki Moore, & Acie Law- no offense, but these were front page offseason acquisitions
  • Monta is or isn't still mad about being fined/suspended- this story changes every week
  • Turiaf & Biedrins are hurt, but even if they weren’t, Nelson would still put in 4 PGs during the game at the same time
  • The team runs away from rebounds to get in position to shoot 3’s (I know you’ve see it!)
  • We don't have a mascot anymore (actually, are the 3 Dubs our mascots now?) and the organization didn’t fight for “Thunder
  • And now, the Warrior Girls are taken away from us?  Ok, it must be A GREAT TIME OUT!  Let's help our Warrior Girls out!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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