Ok this is a trade that could work and make us better

trade Jackson to the Bobcats with Speedy Claxton and Acie Law for Diaw and Mohammed

Bobcats get the scorer they need in Jackson and they get expiring contracts in Claxton and Law.

They take on Jackson's bad contract, but they get cap space  in Law and Claxton. They sort of trade Jackson's contract for Diops'. This is a good trade for both teams. The Bobcats need scorers and have two many bigs and two little guards. This trade allows them to play at a faster pace while not losing a whole lot of size or rebounding. Radmanovic is a good scorer and an average rebounder, defender, and passer. The fact that he is an average rebounder doesn't really matter because Gerald Wallace and Tyson Chandler are terrific rebounders. Jackson will improve the passing. 

This is a good rotation

pg felton  14 pts per game

sg Jackson 20 pts per game

sf Wallace   17 pts per game

pf Radmanovic   14 points per game

C Chandler   10 points per game

The Bench is ok

Raja Bell

Ronald Murray

DJ Augustin

Derrick Brown


Derrick Brown 

and Stephen  Graham

This trade would make the warriors actually be competitive and also make them contenders for the eighth seed. This would be the starting lineup after the trade

pg Steph

sg Monta

sf Azubukie        

pf Diaw

c Biedrins 

This lineup can run and gun, without playing small. The Warriors will for the first time this season won't have to start guards and small forwards at the power foward spot. They won't get as killed on the boards either because Diaw could get 7 rebounds a night if he really tryed. 

This is linup that could actually stop teams defensively as long as Monta can limit getting posted up by bigger guards. This lineup is actually average defensively. This team will not get outrebounded as much because Monta can rebound very well for his size, Azubukie is a capable rebounder, Diow is capaple as well, and Biedrins is a fantastic rebounder. Also this lineup is way more versatile. There are a bunch of lineups that can be succesful without giving too much offense or rebounding. Lets look at all the possibilities.

pg Steph

sg Morrow

sf Azubukie

pf Randolph

C Turiaf

This lineup would be fun to watch lots of dunks by Randolph and Azubukie, lots of 3s by Steph, Morrow, and Azubukie, and lots of blocks by Turiaf and Randolph.

pg Monta

sg Azubukie

sf Diaw

pf Turiaf

c Mohammad

This is the biggest lineup the warriors could produce. It would be interesting if the Warriors played big ball. 


The Warriors unfortunately can also play super small ball 

pg Steph

sg Ellis

sf Azubukie

pf Maggette

c Diaw

This trade would be a big improvement for GSW. It allows them to remove the biggest distraction on the court and improve their depth and add a pice that would make it so they could have a realistic shot at the playoffs. It also gives them an actual skilled capable and consistent power forward who is not a guard or forward. This helps the Warriors so much. His size, defense, and average rebounding ability help the GSW in a myriad of ways.

Lets look at what he brings to the table:



average rebounding

ability to score consistently while not attempting stupid shots, high percentage shots.

passing skills.

4 out of five of those characteristics are characteristics that the Warriors lack and desperately need. The lackof those five characteristics constantly kill the Warriors and cause them to lose to teams that most teams would crush.

Diaw is a very unselfish player the Warriors trade away one of their selfish players for a unselfish player. He is not just unselfish, but also a great passer. He gives the warriors 3 passers that can easily dish 4 or more assists a game. That really helps them a lot and really helps ball movement.

His size would also help the warriors greatly. I  know all of us here would rather have Diaw playing the 3 than Corey Maggette, Stack, or Azubukie, oh or Mikki Moore. We will have for the first time a true power forward. A power forward that can post up, and not get pushed around. Also he is 6'8 he will either be average height or a couple inches shorter than his opponent, but again a huge upgrade from our other options. Nelson would be stupid to play guards, forwards, and Mikki Moore when he could play Diaw Randolph or Turiaf at the 3. If this trade were to happen Corey's minutes would decrease and we would all like that.

Also his average rebounding makes us so much better. Even if he only gets six boards a night it won't matter because Randoloh and Biedrins are great rebounders and Turiaf is a capable rebounder as well. Biedrins will get at least 10 boards a night, so six boards a night won't matter because Biedrins and their other center options are good rebounders. Just the fact that he can rebound and isn't a bad rebounder is great. He getting 6 boards a night is fine because he will get help from Azubukie as well who can get 5-6 boards a night. He would actually make us an average rebounding team

The last characteristic that would really help the Warriors is his defense. Diaw isn't a defensive stopper but he won't easily get posted or get blown by other forwards like Maggette, Moore, or any other undersized options would. The Warriors would no longer get annihlated by power forwards because they have a guy who can guard them and who won't get easily posted up like the other weak options aat power forward have.

Mohammad also helps the Warriors a lot too. Nazr is a great rebounder and defender. The Warriors also wouldn't have to start Moore because of injuries if they had Mohammad. I think we all agree that Mohammad is a huge upgrade compared to Moore. He helps our poor depth down low. He and Diaw actually give us good deptha and options downlow. So we won't have to settle with playing bad players. Nazr also won't get pushed around because he is 7'ft and weighs 250, not 220 like Mikki Moore. Nazr can stop teams from getting extra possessions and even get us extra possessions because of his great rebounding. 

Just look at all our depth

Steph CJ Monta

Monta Morrow Steph

Azubukie Maggette Diaw

Diaw Randolph Turiaf

Biedrins Mohammad Turiaf Moore

That gives the Warriors a good mix of scorers( Monta Morrow Azubukie Maggette,) passers(Monta Steph Diaw)

Defenders( Azubukie Biedrins Turiaf Mohammad Randolph) and rebounders(Randolph, Biedrins Mohammad Azubukie).

If they don't accept I think we would have to maybe throw in Wright because we are never going to move forward until we move Jackson. I think we need to do whatever possible because this is an issue.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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