Back off Nellie and Jack: It's ROWELL, trick!


Props to faetati for posting the CBS link about Nellie possibly quitting.  But he missed a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE part of that article that makes more sense than the silly rumor that Nellie will quit a few days before he will break the world record for wins. 


Again, here's the link:


And here is the craziest part of the article, about what Rowell promised to Jack and Ellis earlier this summer which makes a lot of sense:

Jackson said Friday he's not angry with Nelson, but rather with the fact that he was given the impression the Warriors would be "more of a veteran team" this season. Though Jackson didn't elaborate, a person familiar with the situation said his anger -- and Ellis' -- stems from a dinner meeting with Rowell at the end of last season in which the Warriors' president vowed to surround them with a playoff-caliber supporting cast. According to the source, Rowell told the players he was going to build around them and trade the No. 7 pick, because adding a rookie "isn't going to help us."

The supporting cast that Jackson and Ellis were promised could have included Amar'e Stoudemire. But a trade with Phoenix fell apart on draft night, when Nelson refused to part with the pick and instead selected Curry, who is the same player as Ellis, only younger. Ellis couldn't believe it. Jackson was furious. And here we are today.

Please undertand, this was not Nellie's fault.  Nellie is going to give his opinion as a coach.  But the bottom line is, Rowell is the man who makes these decisiosn.  If he always listend to Nellie, we would have kept Baron Davis.  The majority of sources say Mullie, Nellie, and the team wanted to keep Baron and offer that 3 year contract and Rowell was the one who nixed it.  No one but Rowell wanted to give Jack all that crazy money, and Rowell gave "air-ball" Maggette that ridiculous contract, not Mullie.  So if you're going to tell me that  Nellie canceled that trade, you're smoking.  Rowell agreed to that.  Rowell is a freaking moron to say the least.


In retrospect, getting Amare would have been the right thing to do.  We got a good rookie, but first of all, he wasn't the best available (obviously it's Brandon Jennings, most of us could see that within the first week but some people *ehem Sleepy ehem* were in denial, but that will end TONIGHT LMAO), and second of all, we've been young for too long so it was time to get a veteran quick and move on with the young guys we have!  Rowell wasn't man enough to live up to what he promised our best players.


And now Rowell is trying to be everyone's friend, and the players are upset because they don't feel there is anyone they can talk to:


What's worse, one of the people said, is that the players have to endure laughable team president Robert Rowell trying to be their pal -- the way he did when he usurped then-GM Chris Mullin's authority and signed Jackson to a three-year, $28 million extension last November. Yes, the very same extension that is preventing Golden State from being able to trade him.

"Rowell tries to be their friend, and they laugh at him," one of the sources said. "They don't respect that. ... All these problems and fights in the locker room come from the fact that there is no one the players feel they can communicate with. Nobody."


What a joke.  Why don't we all make signs that say "Fire Rowell" on one side and "Sell, Cohan!" on the back?! It would look like the We Believe signs.  Anyone got a printing hookup of some sort?  Let's pitch in money, mass print them, and mass distribute them in the parking lot one night on a nationally televised game or something.  We need the world to know that we are against the Owner and President first before we are against anyone else!  Why bandaid the team by trading Monta, Jack or firing Nellie?  The problems will continue!  Why not fix the real problem first!!!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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