Are you watching Keith Smart? last night watched a pretty epic game, where we saw a rookie light up the court and now everyone has "Jennings Fever".....

Fair play to the guy, he saw an opportunity... and he took it. The question is, what was the opportunity? The opportunity as EVER, was the complete mindless, moronic lack of game head and defense after halftime where upon we venture into the dreaded "3rd Quarter"....I mean forget the twilight zone (Que Tony to do a great poster using the old black and white twilight zone images and make it the 3rd Quarter zone) we as a team have a SERIOUS issue when it comes to the 3rd quarter....nearly every game we lose, we lose or make extremely difficult for ourselves in the 3rd quarter!!!

So...back to mr Jennings....WHY? did he get away with that "stampede"? VERY simple.... DEFENSE!! The age old nugget for the GSW faithful.... we are stunning on the offensive end, but could be embarassed by high school teams in how badly the team currently plays defense. I am not kidding, the Golden State Warriors truly are that bad at defensive play.

So...who is to blame? and yes...there is blame to be had here and certain people must now put their hand in the air and say..."yes...I am guilty of doing a poor job" and that is predominantly Keith Smart. Let's not kid ourselves that Nellie will teach Defense...has never happened, WILL never happen and hence why Keith Smart was publicly made the "Defensive coach".

Now when they made the appointment, I thought..OK..lets see how this works. I am still waiting a season and a half later!!

How many times do we see players "reach in" to try and get the ball, which 9 times out of 10 results in a slap on the arm and a foul... the players seem to have forgotten the very basics of a defensive stance even... but I wont educate our players how to stand... I'll let his "airness" do that for me....

Now...back to Keith... do you think it is at all possible he might take these guys and spend a whole day with them and do NOTHING but defensive stance... I dont have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times in a game where our players have ZERO defensive stance. They simply stand narrow, upright with no hand in the face of the opposing player.....we are talking BASICS HERE! How much do these fellas earn?

Now, I have no doubt, Mr Smart is doing all he can to get these guys to wake up and realise that "D" saves games..allowing you the "chance" to win the game with offense. However it is clear that much of this rests with the players getting lazy and selfish. Once they have been in the NBA a while, the great players understand the concept of hustle and D, the ones who dont...fade into the distant memories.

Our man on man defense is shocking...but again, its not for me to describe how best to do this, but a great perimeter defender, Mr Bruce Bowen...

In short... we have BONE IDLE players apart from a couple and kudos must go to Curry, Buike and even now Ellis, for aggresive hustle on D..everyone else....go to the back of the class. Except maybe Magette, who is also surprisingly uping his work ethic and hustle of late and it shows in his performances.

So...what do we do about this....

Unfortunately we cannot do what SHOULD happen with professional athletes (no not throttle them) ;) Which is..hit them where it hurts....the wallet! If you are marking a man and he gets past you and scores... that's $500 right there! If the player your marking then drops 50 points on you, thats $25,000 right wont take many of those to get these guys to wake up and realise that their lack of effort is killing this team! When these players start to realise that their lack of hustle affects their paycheck... guess what... effort goes up...defese goes up...wins become more.... we have to chat about poor defense a great deal less...

As we saw with start to take away some of their "Fat Pay Checks" for their own STUPID actions or lack of on court effort.... they dont like it.

Unfortunately..its never going to happen, so the next best thing is to bring in the men or man, who's sole purpose is to coach D. The Lakers have Pippen helping them, the Celtics have Thibodeau (brilliant defensive coach) and there are many great defensive minded players that can teach our young guys how to defend... our current coaching staff...not so much. Why? because they have not changed in the last 3-4 years and our defensive output is STILL diabolical, so it's not as if they have not had their fair chance to show what they can do.....

A classic example of how a key coach can have such an effect is Mr Sidney A. Moncrief ..... We are missing his shot coaching skills ENORMOUSLY.... can somone get on a damn plane and get that man back from the Chinese?????? Our free throws have dropped off, our jump shots are not what they used to be..the man was a great shooting coach and you could see the confidence in the players shots with him around... I have ZERO doubt... you place Curry with Moncrief.... and we suddenly see both Curry AND Morrow getting back to stunning shooting form...even Monta's jumper will come back (although his tre looked pretty nice last night).

As I mentioned in my coaching piece, it is not all about Nelson... there is a whole team of coaches behind Smart and Nelson... and they are simply NOT doing a good enough job in ensuring that our guys start playing better D...ESPECIALLY in the 3rd quarter.....

Invariably we revert to our starters at the beginning of the 3rd..... I personally would like to see a coaching style change here... and leave the guys to start the the ones who finished the 2nd... then five minutes in or so..start reintroducing the starters....MAYBE that will help us with our 3rd quarter problems?

Finally REBOUNDING..... we all know the basic principles...but again.. one of the best to describe this is Superman himself....

As a team, the Warriors have a great fondness of the zone defense...with the zone comes incredible responsibility to "BOX OUT"....something we are again shocking at..... yes we are missing key big men, but no matter what your size... you should be making the effort to box out and EVERY SINGLE GAME we have players making ZERO effort to box out aside from maybe young Randolph and Buike... THIS HAS to again...who is to blame? The players...yes.. AND the coaching staff....

In short... we have a team with some truly superb talent on the court, but it is simply not getting chance to enjoy its offense, because its defense is so terrible..especially in the 3rd quarter.....

If the Warriors as a team can simply "CONCENTRATE" on pure ball busting explosive effort on D after the halftime break... WE WILL win more games especially if they then take this increased focus and effort through the rest of the game as well. Should the basketball gods shine on us and the FO does it's job properly, then MAYBE we will get a star quality PF to help as well.....

This team is in SERIOUS need of a new defensive coach and as I mentioned in another thread, if Keith Smart is due to take over from Don Nelson due to understanding how we play our style of game on the offensive end, then as much as I want to see us trade for a great PF...I would equally like to invite our slightly rudderless Front Office to make a large cash offer to get Tom Thibodeau in as the new Defensive coach...

Every season, loyal fans of the Golden State Warriors beat their heads against the wall when they watch simply diabolical defensive much longer must we make our heads bleed, before SOMEONE in the organisation wakes up and says...."Ok...what we are doing currently on defensive play is simply not working".....

In the last few games we have certainly seen an increase in defensive hustle... but it's simply not enough... when a player like Brandon Jennings gets on fire, it seems we currently have ZERO idea what to do....well that my friends is the responsibility of Mr Keith Smart and why he is paid the money he is to be defensive coach. He must recognise a problem player and CHANGE the defense take his threat out of the game....had we done that last night... we would have won the game, it is really is as simple as that.


Without it...we should change the club name to "Golden Same'ole Warriors".... frustrating and sometimes entertaining to watch, but not a hope in hell of ever taking a championship ever again...

Larry Riley.... do your job as GM...MAKE CHANGES!!!!!!!!!






This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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