Build the team around Monta!

The Captain Jack era is finally over and if it wasn't already declared "We Believe" is officially 100% in the coffin. Sadly, as Warriors fan we have come used to the concept of "re-building" and its time to once again, go down that path.  


When I look at our roster, there is talent.  Monta, Steph Curry, Anthony Randolph, Andris Biedrins are all capable NBA starters with the first three possessing "star potential" (or at least the perception around the league is such).  Anthony Morrow, Keleena Azuibuike. Ronnie Turiaf are also fairly prices role players I'm sure any team would love to have.  Throw in Corey Maggette (who may possess an awful contract) who when healthy is a productive veteran at what he does (score, score, score and buy pf changs)  and Brandan Wright (a bit of an enigma, but only 22 has the tools to be a productive NBA player.


The problem is, this roster is poorly formed.  There are too many similar players, and we're lacking specific characteristics (anyone who can defend, rebound and size inside).  what needs to be done is a massive reshaping of the roster.  Moves need to be made to build a cohesive team, not jut a collection of good individuals who can't play winning basketball together.


For me the most glaring decision that needs to be made is Monta or Curry?  We will never be able to start both and be a playoff team (unless we somehow get Dwight Howard and Kevin Garnett inside).  More so, both players need the ball in there hands, and as much as Don Nelson may disagree, there is only one ball.  For me the decision is simple, build around Monta, trade curry, and here is why:




First off lets look at the non-basketball reasons.  Monta has signed a long term contract with the club at a reason price.  He had 5 years/55 mil remaining, barring another Jack situation (a risk we have to take with any player) he can't leave.  Secondly, because of the moped, he's damaged his reputation around the league.  We will not get equal talent for him today, its that simple.  Stephen Curry on the other hand, is a wide-eyed rookie many teams love.  He's shown some good things, and with the Warriors in turmoil his value may actually be higher (lack of defense is of course Don Nelsons fault, not Curry's).  Curry also says all the right things and is very marketable. 

Now getting to basketball.  No one will paint Monta as a true PG, but he is a playmaker.  He is a player like kobe, Broy etc. who NEEDS the ball in his hands, in critical moments (I'm not saying he's close to there level but I think you follow).  His shooting percentage is rising.  It may never be 53% again (well it certainly won't be until he's surrounded with enough talent so teams don't 100% key on him).  He's shown he can penetrate, and hit open shooters on the outside.  At 24, he will only get better (as he's been plying PG for what 9 games?)   If we surround him with wing players who can help move the ball, ease the tension, I think we'll be fine.  My point is, he'll never be Chris Paul or Jason Kidd, so why try to run that type of offense with him?  Put him in a ball movement offense. 

Curry has alot of things going for him, but simply put, Monta has proven he can play in the NBA, is only about 2.5 years older than Curry (he's hardly old), and Monta has the required athleticism to elevate in this league, something curry doesn't. 

Finally Monta is respected among players in the NBA.  And as silly as it sounds, we won't get a better player in free agency if we just salary dumped him.  Warriors have an awful reputation.  They need to build something, starting organically, with some trades, before free agents decide they will take an MLE here over LA, San Antonio or somehwere else. 

Why not try and trade Curry to NYC for Gallinari (it's been mentioned by a few).  I'd even be willing to pick up Jared Jefferies, if it was necessary.  We know how much the Knicks wanted Curry.  We also know how much Lebron likes curry. 


Monta-ellis-return_medium Medium_new-york-knicks-danilo-gallinari_medium


Infact don't even focus on trades.  but this team needs a direction.  And I'm willing to say, lets build around Monta, put complementary pieces in place around him and see what happens.  Or we can run out CJ, Monta, Curry, Raja Bell and Maggette and enjoy a 22 win season

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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