The Next Trade That Needs To Happen

We all have read all the trade ideas multiple GSoMer's have thrown out there and I think my idea has been thrown around and I feel it needs to be done.

I stress this even more with the recent quotes of Ellis saying "I just wont do it" and "Im not going to be that player" or something to that degree.  Now I have read a lot of responses saying "oh he didnt mean it like that" well I think he did.  Ever since Monta signed his deal he keeps showing that you cant build a franchise around this guy.  I think he is the next player that needs to go.  I think Curry is your future at point along with Randolph at the 4 if he ever gets the PT.

I say you look to trade with the Utah Jazz.  Jazz are talented club especially with Dwill running the show but I think they could use some much needed fire power and I think they would welcome to unload Kirilenko's contract.  I think the Warriors should offer Ellis, Maggette, Claxton and George for Boozer and AK (worked on trade machine).  Boozer wont be back with the Jazz next year and AK is owed 34 million over this season and next.  Of course the Jazz would be taking on longer contracts but I think this trade will make them much more competitve as they are buit to win now.  I mean I dont know you tell me but I think having a starting line up of Dwill/Ellis/Maggs/ Milsap/Okur is much better to try and get past Denver / L.A.

For the Warriors this will allow Curry to be the man at point and have a legit 4 while Randolph continues to grow.  You could throw a rotation of

Curry / Watson

Morrow / Bell

AK / Buike / Vlad

Boozer / Randolph / Wright

Andris / Turiaf / Wright

I think this line up is worlds better then throwing out what we got now.  I hope this can get forwarded to Riley and he has a clue to make something happen.  All I have seen him do is trade a young 21 yr old shooter / defense man for garbage in George and getting 2 role players for Jackson (although we do get cap relief).

I know AK has a huge price tag but Warriors coud still save money if they decide not to resign Boozer plus next year having 23 Million in expiring contracts in AK and Vlad.

Tell me your thoughts.  Plain and simple this trade makes us better on defense and on the boards..something we dont do at all.

But realistically this is only a pipe dream.  Warriors cant make this happen.  So I guess we can enjoy Vlad playing the 5 and our 25 win season.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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