My letters to the players

This year has got me thinking; We definitely are not the same team from We Believe, we aren't even the optimistic team of last year...

So what happens from here?


The Big News - Captain Jack and Acie Law being traded for Raja Bell and VladRad

Other "recent news" -

Azubuike injured,

All our centers are injured, 

Monta not happy, 


I'm tired of all this. 

Some thoughts -

I don't really understand why everyone hates on Maggs- He's been the most professional veteran on our team and from what I see, although he lacks passing skills he gets the job done. Sure he's not a great defender, but who on the dubs is? 

Anthony Randolph- Where'd you go? The end of last season and all through summer league I watched you turn it on and you gave me hope, but as things are getting worse and worse, it seems you've disappeared...

Anthony Morrow - You're a great shooter, but people have become to infatuated with you. I understand that when your hearts on fire smoke gets in your eyes but how can people say you are starter material?! Hopefully in the near future you can develop some moves and work on your ability to attack the hoop.

Monta - I understand you have pressure on your shoulders and you were promised a more talented team to work with, but you need to step it up. Anyone can be great with a All-Star material point guard and a talented team, but when will you show up on your own?

Stephen Jackson - Thank you for what you've brought to our team. You're gone now, and you left with a little... distaste.. but I still wish you the best.

Raja Bell - Welcome! I don't know how long you will last and how much of an impact you'll have on our team, but win or lose, welcome. Maybe you're defensive abilities will rub off on some of our other players.

Azubuike - I miss you already...

Curry - I can't lie. I have to admit I keep looking at Brandon Jennings and am a little jealous, but you have definitely impressed me and I hope you continue to grow and can throw it in my face that I should never had doubted you.

I know I haven't addressed everyone, but at this point I have more to ask the Front Office.

Please stop breaking my heart. I only see glimpses of a team out there, and although I understand our franchise is in need of major repair, for some reason I am inclined to ask you to take a break.

Yeah, trades will bring in talent and possibly turn this team around but I feel that we have become so caught up in changing this team that we keep looking over what we have right now. We drafted a promising young point guard, last years draft has made huge strides and hopefully will come out of his shell, our ever consistent center is just injured give him time, in my opinion we have one of the best 6th men in the entire association, Azubuike has only kept getting better, CJ Watson only wants a chance to prove himself and you can't forget the ever loyal fans! I know it may sound a little Disney, but maybe if we sit down and stop allowing the ugly side of business and what not ruin our team and instead allow the players to feel comfortable on the team and grow we may actually get something. I just feel like we expect our players to be superstars right away and give them the feeling that they will be and when things don't go picture perfect we start pointing fingers and blaming everyone. Then in turn we begin looking to trade for any and all free agents to be in hopes that they can change our team. If we keep ripping up what we have and try to piece it together with anything we can grab we won't go anywhere. Yeah Bosh, Amare, Wallace or Kirelenko would be nice but to give up everything we have for them? nah. especially if they aren't even secured to stay with us past their ending contracts.

Maybe I'm just not knowing what is going on, maybe you have a bigger plan for the future. Please enlighten me and allow me to sleep easy.

Thank you for your time.


This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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