GAME THREAD #6: Timberwolves vs Warriors - Battle of the Bottom Feeders

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Welcome to being a Warrior fan

Warriors: 1-4
Timberwolves: 1-6
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7:30 pm
KNBR 680
 CSN Bay Area (do you really want to watch?)
Blog Buddy: Canis Hoopus

Ooooookaaaay. So much for starting hot out of the gate. Remember, this was the easy part of the schedule. It's going to get a lot harder soon. You know I didn't want to make the playoffs this season anyways. In fact, I didn't want the Warriors to win 20 games this season. Whatever. Stupid Laker fans, it's their fault. And Al Davis's fault. And I blame Bush. And Tim Kawakami. Actually, it's the economy. I blame it all on the economy.

So many questions, so few answers: Is Don Nelson tanking already? Is John Wall that good? When is Stephen Jackson going to get traded? Can we trade for Chris Bosh even if he doesn't sign an extension? Will he even be any good playing for this cursed franchise? If you could trade all the Warriors for all the Clippers, would you do it? Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? Can fat people go skinny dipping? How does a thermos know whether a drink should be hot or cold?

Let's review:

I'm sure if Minnesota sits Al Jefferson, they'd beat the Warriors too. Here's what would happen:

  • Oleksiy Pecherov would dominate inside
  • Brian Cardinal would laugh in our faces as we grabbed his 15th rebound
  • Ricky Rubio fly over from Europe so he could play just this once so he could tear up our backcourt
  • Jonny Flynn would drop 30 all against Stephen Curry
  • Corey Brewer would shoot higher than 35%

Actually, wow this Minnesota team is bad. They beat New Jersey (the worst team in the league, no offense Warrior fans) and then have lost 6 straight. Even though they lost to the Clippers in LA by only 3, I just don't see a whole lot on this roster that I like: Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Jonny Flynn, Corey Brewer, Ramon Sessions?

The Warriors have to win this game. If they have any pride at all, they win this game. It's becoming a matter of pride and effort. As of right now, it looks like the Warriors have no pride and give no effort.


Awww comfort food. A nice bowl of curry (not Curry) to make the pain stop




  • Warriors by 6
  • Al Jefferson DOMINATES
  • Monta has a field day and scores 30 since nobody on the Twolves can stop him or block his shot
  • We will all know who Oleksiy Pecherov is after the game
  • Anthony Randolph continues to struggle
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