Miami Interested in Stephen Jackson Trade


A recent headline from stated

Ric Bucher: League sources: Add Miami to the teams interested in Stephen Jackson. And, according to a Jackson source, add Miami to his preferred list.

As much as I would love to laugh at the idea of Jackson getting traded to somewhere like Charlotte where he can really think about what a fool he has made himself out to be here in GS, I also see the mutual benefits of a trade with Miami.

For Miami they get a seasoned vet in Jackson  who knows how to win, when motivated, and is a consistent player as well as defender, again when motivated. D-wade and Jack both have rings and both want more. When you look at the current SF in Miami, Q-Richardson, the need is definitely there for improvement. I really think that teamed up with an uber-scorer like D-wade, Jackson would truly help the Heat get deep in the playoffs.

As far as the salary goes, Miami has no worries. Next year they are only paying out 24 million, and have loads of room to sign free agents as more than half of there team is on expiring contracts. Absorbing Jackson's 3 year deal would not be that bad, especially, if it helped them draw other talent next year in the "Free Agent Blitz-Summer of Lebron and Friends."  Who knows maybe Lebron, Dwade, and Jackson might play together in Miami next year, haha.

As for Golden State, we could really use an expiring contract and some help down low in the rebound department. I know that there have been injuries, and Randolph has yet to be unleashed, but we are seriously lackiing in low post help. The last two games have been brutal and I am not sure how much longer I can take it. WE SUCK AT REBOUNDING.

I looked up some trades on the The Mighty Trade Machine of ESPN and the most attractive one I found actually seemed realistic.

Stephen Jackson for Udonis Haslem Str8 up!

We are trading a starting SF for a back-up PF with an expiring contract, as Haslem is due 7 million this year. Even if it does not work out in GS after this year Haslem can re-sign with the Heat to play with Lebron, Dwade, and Jackson ;) And we are 7 million dollars closer to signing an All-star.

For the rest of this year however, we get someone who can rebound and score, but more importantly teach our guys how to rebound. Even if the Haslem deal doesn't happen I truly think there are a number of deals Miami could work out with GS that could benefit both sides.

I would be extremely happy with any expiring contracts to give us some space for next year when I convince Lebron (and Dwade) to come play with his friend Stephen Curry here in Oakland. That way I can still laugh at Jackson when he is gone ROFL [sweet pirate voice] "Keep watch for hurricanes down there Captain Jack, I here they aRRRRRe mighty destructive in da Caribbean." You know like your mouth and your ego!


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