Cohan for Governor! Who's with me?

I think Chris Cohan has shown through his 16 year tenure  with the GSW that he is not only adept, but IDEAL in playing a pivotal political role in our society today. Who else would be able to fill the shoes of the Governator? I mean who else would be best suited to step into a field they know diddly squat about and be able to ACT like they know WTF he's doing, while running the show into the ground?

The Warriors FO was right, Randolph is going to be a "Special" player in this league, just not w/ the god forsaken Warriors!!!!  Of course not, as Cohan and Rowell sit there in panic mode and put up the ENTIRE squad on the trade block, they'll more than happily sacrifice the future of OUR team, for a few quick ticket sales and some (much needed) revenue for Cohan.

What an about face, huh? At the beginning of the year the FO said they had "big plans" in store mentioning the acquisition of "Beef" up front and what do we get? Devean "Who the F*** Cares" George and Mikki "Feed me"Moore. WAY TO GO guys!  It's not the players faults, they'll take the contract they can get and put in as much effort as they want.(See S.Jackson Extension) But like any good politician, you over promise and under achieve. At least your sticking to the stereo type you bastards.


Then they turn into the "Rebuilding" mode and state that we're working around the young core of players in Randolph, Curry, Morrow....remember, with no mention of Monta at first....and Now what? The ENTIRE squad is on the trading block? ARE YOU F'n KIDDING ME?

I guess the Christmas season applies to discounted Warrior players also? HURRY, HURRY, 50% off on all young talent!  Not only that, but we honor ALL Coupons, yep, ANY expiring contract you can throw our way, we'll give you twice the value! How could you pass up that deal?

Randolph is not living up to the hype huh? That's where we're at? At 22 MPG, 11 pts, 7 Reb is pretty damn good if you ask me. I think we all forget the kid is only 20 years old! As I had posted prior to the season if Randolph could come in somewhere near 15pts 8 Rebs a game , while STARTING I would have been happy. This isn't that for off considering Min. 

And in watching the games, it's true he's taking some Maggette/Baron/Jackson like bad shots, early in the shot clock, but his all around game is still unmatched by ANY Warrior big IMO.  As for his Attitude problem that I've been hearing about.  Isn't it a coincedence that damn near EVERY player has been rubbed the wrong way by the FO? So who's the real problem there, huh? 

Everyone of our players has had their faults.  Monta is a turnover MACHINE, Morrow can't create for himself, Maggette is a black whole who has a memory span of about 10 seconds because he can't remember that he can't hit 3's. 

I know some of you agree with me, some don't. Each one of us has the "cure" for the Team in our own minds. But I think realistically we have to admit at this point there is nothing we can do. We have been and ARE the laughing stock of the entire league, while our talent should have been the focal point of our look to the future, it will now be the reason we have to sell low on our players.  Just a few days ago, ESPN's article about the chance to make the playoffs listed us at 0.05%, like we didn't know that all ready, but they also listed which teams have a future, we were 2nd to last, even with all of out "talent", primarily because of the font office, now SI ran a story about being the Worst Franchise of the DECADE!

You never know, we may put together a package and bring in someone that will have GSoM buzzing again, a Bosh, a Gay, a Boozer, whoever.  But realistically, we know we have to over pay with talent, and that is ruining the future of this squad, after all, once that player gets here, I'll take odds on how long the FO and Nelly will take to make some stupid comment about them and piss them off.

I don't believe in Karma, so I'll be the first to say that I wouldn't care the slightest if lighting came and struck down Chris Cohan.  Like any other politician, or corporate CEO, what he or his organization says should be taken with a grain of salt.  The Warriors are in this for the money, what little they can get, if WE BELIEVE that they have any interest in the fans and our views of hopelessness, then we have fallen into their grand scheme of things.  Not that it's any different from any other organization, but at least their better at deceiving us by putting togethr some resemblence of an attempt at winning. 

Sorry my rant was so long, I love the Warriors to the point that writing this makes me angry, and I hope like all of you that this ship gets turned around soon, however I think it'll be best to call a mutiny, make the Captain walk the plank, burn it,sink it and build a new one. 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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