RUMOR: New York Knicks and Houston Rockets interested in Golden State Warriors forward Anthony Randolph


Funky Slam


Everyone on the current Golden State Warriors roster should be on the table in a trade. As of writing this team has the 4th worst record in the entire NBA.

There's only 1 way to go.



CSN Bay Area: Anthony Randolph's Agent Bill Duffy talks with Scott Reiss about the recent trade rumor.



From Chris Broussard's Agent: Randolph not against trade piece over at

Sources within the Warriors organization and around the league say the 6-foot-10 forward is available, but they said he is not being shopped.

"They're not trying to unload the guy," one Western Conference executive said. "But they are disappointed in him, so now they're willing to listen to other teams. Whereas before the season, their thinking was that he was untouchable and they wouldn't even listen."

Executives mentioned New York and Houston as clubs that have interest in Randolph, but he will not be easy to move because of the great disparity between his small salary ($1.8 million) and his perceived upside. The most likely trade scenario would include Randolph as part of a larger deal that featured a more accomplished player.

"I don't know that Randolph's stock has dropped around the league," the executive said. "He's a great talent; he just hasn't done much yet. So he's more of a sweetener that could get another deal done if you threw him in."


I'd like to see Randolph stay here and blossom, but I honestly can't tell whether that's ever going to happen. Is he a future superstar or even star? Or is he going to be some much wasted talent a la Stromile Swift? I really can't tell. What I do know:

  • In terms of desire Randolph seems like he's got it. This isn't Erick Dampier we're talking about.
  • In terms of athletic ability and talent AR's got it. He's got the height and raw skill.
  • Key word being raw. AR is extremely raw. His knowledge of the game and fundamentals save for a few bright moments need a lot of work- a LOT.
  • He doesn't seem all that coachable for a young player. In this regard, Stephen Curry he is not.
  • Aside from the mental part of the game all of his hoops flaws seem to come down to having a weak core and terrible footwork. DJ Fuzzy Logic and I can never get over how often and how easily he falls and slips on the ground. His footwork is pretty horrendous as well. Both of these are solvable, but will he put in the time and effort to solve them?
  • Unfortunately Randolph seems to think he's already arrived and deserves veteran privieges like playing time and the benefit of the doubt.
  • Neither Don Nelson nor Keith Smart seem to be ready to just give him consistent minutes regardless of his play. Who you want to blame for that or how you read it is your call.
What I don't know:

GSoM Throwback:

99% of rumors never happen, but 99% of them are fun to talk about!
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