Is a win over the New Jersey Nets the start of a three game winning streak?

Golden State Warriors schedule

With another loss the Golden State Warriors have dropped to 6-14 on the season. Luckily for the Warriors their next game is against the New Jersey Nets, the worst team in the NBA. I'm hoping that the Warriors can find some confidence and beat down the lowly Nets.

The one thing that the Warriors are going to have to do is rebound the basketball against the Nets. The Warriors did not do a job rebounding against the Oklahoma City Thunder. With Brook Lopez manning the middle for the Nets the Warriors need a big man who defend him.

Instead of Mikki Moore starting at the center position, Chris Hunter should get the start. He's proven that he's the best interior defender that the Warriors have healthy right now. Moore isn't going to be effective at all and will likely pick up two quick fouls.

Another issue for the Warriors is that they need to keep Devin Harris from getting to the rim. He plays a lot like Monta Ellis, but nowhere near the shooter that Ellis is. So, basically the Warriors just need to play back off of him and let him shoot jumperes and make sure to control the glass.

Ellis has to play more in control and stop playing so fast. His turnover numbers are getting ridiculous, although not all of them are his fault. Ellis also need someone to step up and hit some jumpers, that's why I would like to see Hunter in the lineup he has shown the propensity to knock down a 15 foot jumper better than Moore.

I think that Anthony Morrow returning will give a boost to the starting lineup because right now the Warriors are missing their best three point option, so the Nets won't be able to send three defenders after Ellis unless they want to give up a wide open look to the best shooter in the NBA.

Vladimir Ramdanovich needs to start playing more consistently along with Anthony Randolph. Radmanovich against the Thunder shot horribly and missed way too many easy looks, while Randolph didn't seem to put as much of an effort that he did against the Orlando Magic.

One thing that Keith Smart does need to do is not start C.J. Watson at the small forward position. The starting lineup on Wednesday against the Nets should be Stephen Curry, Ellis, Morrow, Radmanovich, and Hunter. Watson should be used though to rest Curry and Ellis.

It's time for the Warriors coaches to stop playing Ellis 48 minutes every night. There are two other guards that can handle the ball for a few minutes while Ellis rests. I get the fact that right now Ellis is the most consistent scorer on the team, but eventually another player is going to step up and start scoring as well.

I would also like to see Curry do a better job of when Ellis drives to get to a corner so he can shoot the three. If Curry becomes deadly from the corner then teams will have to respect Curry as well as Ellis's drive which means it's pick your poison in a layup by Ellis or a three pointer by Curry.

I'm predicting a win for the Warriors over the Nets, but more importantly is looking at the schedule the Warriors could build a little winning streak against some of the weaker Eastern Conference teams. The Warriors then head to Chicago a team that just got blown out by Toronto, Detroit a team struggling with injuries, and Philadelphia who tonight just lost their 10th game in a row.

After those games the Warriors play San Antonio in San Antonio which has been a house of horrors for them, so no win there. Yet, after the San Antonio game the Warriors then play Memphis, which should be a team that the Warriors are able to beat.

Meaning in the next five games the Warriors should be 4-1. That means their record should improve from 6-14 to 10-15.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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