I too am impressed with the Dubs in the past 10 games.

I would have to agree with Dubs Fan in Boston, that I have been impressed with what we've seen with the Warriors and I too like what I see.

I do have two questions that have been bothing me even though I should just keep quiet and enjoy the Warriors ride while I have been to the liking of their play.

Here are my questions though:

1) Where is the emphasis on weakside help?

2) How come Anthony Morrow isn't getting playing time that he deserves?

I recall Atma Brotha had a post awhile back early in the season asking GSoM heads if they believed the Warriors were going to make the Playoffs or not. I remember suggesting that the Warriors should play AB and Turiaf at the same and if they do, then we could make it to the post season. I couldn't be more satisfied that they started playing both of those guys more at the same time. ( BTW, I am not saying it was because of me ).

The thing is, although I have been highly impressed with Biedrins' season so far and how he gobbles up the boards, he can't grab them all. That's where the weakside help bothers me tremendously.

I hate to see Turiaf bust his arse off on a great block only to see the opposing team pick up the offense board for an easy put back. Same goes with AB defending the block. All you see is one of our Warrior guards or SF's standing around looking helpless or confused. All they have to do is position themselves or anticipate where the ball will travel next.

This is where I blame coaching. Don't they emphasize this on a daily basis? Don't they practice this to the least? If they do and the results aren't being made on the court, don't you think it is Don Nelson's responsibilty to punish them?

Sorry, but I do not have the statistical breakdown but I'm sure it has costed many games for us.

One of our guards that has done a decent job in rebounding is Kazubuike. The last game he had a double double with 22 and 10.

You could argue that this was against the Knicks, but he did have 21 points and 13 rebounds against the Bobcats this year going against Okafur and Wallace in the paint so I'm sure we could see this alot more.

He has grabbed rebounds in double digits 4 times this season and I think he could do this on a consistent basis with an emphasis in weakside help.

I know its easier to grab those weakside boards if you were quick like Monta, but I'm sure Kaz could anticipate it just as well and increase his rebounding production because of it.

Lastly, what happened to Anthony Morrow's playing time? Why doesn't Nellie put in the bench warmers at the end of those games where we have blow outs?

I hope Morrow gets playing time versus the Blazers tonight. Like a good 20 minutes please. When Marco comes back, I hope to see both him and Morrow at the same time under certain situations. Like if we were down by 37 points perhaps, I would like to see a second unit team with Marco at PG and Morrow at SG to shoot lights out for a comeback.

I know Marco has been a long lost player, but I haven't forgotten him and I still think he is our best bet for a pure point guard that can also shoot the rock. Those times when he did have playing time, I was impressed with his aggressiveness and defense. (just like how Kobe was.)

I still want to see a Rocky Belinelli and Monta Ellis combo. I hope we don't trade Marco this season because I really want to see how this pans out before he leaves us. I really feel like this combo can do some damage.

Enough with my blabbering. I'm done and I'm ready for tonight's game.


*AND put in MORROW*


(what you say Shells?)


By the way Dubs Fan In Boston, you were wrong when you said:

"I predict ~15-18 wins, which gets us to 33-36 wins on the season"

Only because we are going to win 19 to give us 37 wins. Yez!

Lol. Just kidding. Good prediction though. Keep the positive thinking movin.


This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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