My Inner Cynic Warrior Fandom.

As a passionate and realistic W's fan, my cynicism has been running rampant this year, and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. I suppose you could say this began on draft day of last season when we dealt J-Rich for the rights to B. Wright. Coming off our first playoff season in over a decade, we literally removed the heart of our team in J-Rich, for a player not NBA ready in Wright- nevermind Nellie is notorious for not playing rookies. We were on the cusp, and somewhere, somehow the disconnect between Nellie and the front office got the best of the Warriors. Part of the reasonable rational for the move at the time was clearing cap room and insuring we'd be resigning Monta and Biedrins, and maybe Baron? 

Fast forward to this last offseason. coming off a 48 win season, albeit no playoffs. In my mind, not a disappointing season in any way. Baron jumps ship. A huge hit, undoubtedly. But rather than take the hit and most likely suffer in the immediate future, Mullin pulled the trigger on Maggette. Never liked it from the start. Maggette, an isolation player much like Jax does not make the players around him better, plays a slow half court game rather than uptempo (like the Ws) and is a horrible defender. Worst part of it, his contract is like poison- and we're drinking it up for maybe the next 5 years. 

And of course Monta's injury made everything worse. Anyone who argues that we need a guy like Maggette to stay competitive in Monta's absence, just stop. Our season was over before it began in regards to competing for the playoffs.  

Why didn't we just save the money spent on Maggette? We had already committed to rebuilding when we dealt J-Rich. If we're rebuilding, why sink 50 mil into a guy who you know isn't the right fit before you even sign him??

And today they're are floating rumors of a trade for Bosh or Amare... And that we're willing to deal either Biedrins or Monta- the guys who we wanted to insure we could resign, the guys who we traded J-Rich to make sure there was plenty of cap space. It infuriates me to hear people warm up to the idea, that we would trade one of the two quality young players that we have- more importantly, the only two long contracts on the roster that are good contract, desireable contracts.  In doing so we would also risk the possibility of being left high and dry after either Bosh or Amare's respective contracts would be up.

While we do need a quality 4, this is not the right way of going about it. Even without waiting to the 2010 offseason, there are quality big men to be had in free agency, which if doable price wise, would make better fits. Milsap, Odom and David Lee come to mind without even thinking too hard.

I honestly don't know what management's motive in trading for Bosh or Amare would be.... And I,  for one, just to be clear am opposed to trading Monta or Biedirns. And who among us can say we trust the Warriors Management?? With the exception of originally bringing in Baron and this last offseason holding onto Azubuike- what prizes have they pulled.

If they do this, I see it for two reasons: 1) the Warriors like everyone else is trying to acquire expiring contracts (ie Bosh/Amare)  and 2) to gin up some mid-season excitement before next year and hopefully sell some more season tickets. In any event, I don't put anything past the Cohan clan these days, but since we are rebuilding, let's do it correct. If it does go down, and if whomever it is does leave after a couple of years, will it have been worth trading Monta or Biedrins?

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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