OPEN THREAD: Warriors @ Suns: One Mo' Time

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Warriors: 16-34
Suns: 26-21
Tip-Off: 7:30 PM PST
Radio: KNBR 680


Crazy, crazy game on Wednesday. Hopefully tonight is no different. I don't think the Warriors could have shot any better than they did on Wednesday. I also don't think the Suns could have played any worse D than they did on Wednesday. Lastly, I don't think Amare could have looked any more apathetic than he did on Wednesday.

Tonight will be a much much more difficult game.

If you read R Dizzle's recap of the Wednesday game, he wrote a few letters to the Warriors and Suns players. Guess what? We got some responses. Hit the jump for those.

Also, one cool thing the Warriors are doing this year is having "viewing parties." Check out the details below:

Warriors Viewing Party

Hilton Oakland Airport
1 Hegenberger Road
Oakland, CA 94621

"Surround yourself with Warriors fans and come watch the Warriors on the road at locations throughout the Bay Area! Meet the Warrior Girls, win prizes and purchase 16-ounce cold beers for $3. Admission to the Road Viewer Party is FREE!"



  • Suns by 5
  • Monta redeems himself after his rough Wednesday night
  • Kelenna does not score 19 in the first quarter. Terry Porter realizes that he can actually shoot the 3.
  • Amare gets nasty and hustles for at least one play (vs 0 from Wednesday)

Mr. R Dizzle,

Thanks. I had a decent game. 19 points in the first quarter? Well if nobody is within 10 feet of you on a 3 pointer, you have to take it. I guess I just got lucky that the ball went in.

Anyways, to get your biceps as big as mine, here's the secret: Krispy Kreme donuts. Enjoy.

-- Kelenna

R. Dizzle,

Your team of midgets will pay tonight! Me and Amare will crush you.

Dizzle, tell me how my ____ tastes!

-- The Big Aristotle

R. Dizzle,


They said I could do what I wanted.
They said it was a lo-speed moped.
They said I would get back to 100%.
They said I was going to make this team better when I returned.
They said they wouldn't keep the ability to void my contract, they wouldn't fine me, and I'm the franchise player.
They said, they said, they said.

You keep watching, I keep lying.

I be better tonight.

-- Mississippi Bullet

R. Dizzle,

Get me out of here! But please not to the Warriors.

-- Amare


R. Dizzle,

Rob Kurz is my hero.

-- Louis Amundson


R. Dizzle,

I miss the Bay. I miss the Warriors. I miss the fans. I don't miss Chris Mullin. Should have kept that team together for another year. Now we'll never know.

It's payback time tonight. I'm dunking on TenderRonny. The only person in a Warrior uniform to block my shot like that was Adonal Foyle in practice.

-- #23


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