What We Got To Trade...

It’s been a good time reading through all the different trade proposals, such as Maggette and Randolph for Stoudemire and Morrow for Villanueva, but maybe before we go any farther, it’s time to look at our roster and see what they are actually worth.  Generally, to find a player’s worth in a trade there is 3 major factors: productivity, contract, and age.  Those are the big 3.  Other factors include injury history, chemistry issues, and intangibles (Shaq and Iverson’s ability to fill seats) etc.  But let’s see what we have on our roster and what they would be worth to OTHER teams.

Positive Trade Value

Andris Biedrins:  TRADE VALUE GREAT

Biedrins is a young good proven NBA starter in the league.  He has a very reasonable contract at 9 million for the next 5 years.  While the chances of Biedrins making more than 1 All Star game in his career are low, finding solid NBA centers isn’t that easy.  Andris is ridiculously durable missing less than 10 games in his career.  He has lead the league in field goal pct the last 2 years and is currently third in the league in rebounding.  Andris is great character guy that works hard on improving his games in the offseason.


Turiaf has a great contract, 3 years after this year left and he won’t make more than 4.5 million on any of those seasons. Turiaf has played well in his backup center role.  His low rebounding rate and low offensive production prevents him from being a starter in the league.  Still great character guy, great motor on both sides of the ball, decent jump shot, and good defense makes Ronny Turiaf one of the best trade assets we have this time.

Brandan Wright: TRADE VALUE GOOD

Brandan Wright is on the second year of his 4 year rookie deal.   When given the chance to play, Brandan has proven to be a productive player on the court.  His slight frame and low rebounding rate are causes to worry, but given his young age, length, and athleticism, there is a lot of upside with Wright.

Kelenna Azibuike: TRADE VALUE GOOD

Kelenna is decent rotational player in the NBA.  He has a good contract, approximately 3 million this year and next and 3.5 the year after that.  While they’re might not be too much upside for Kelenna at this point, he does have what it takes to be a 7th-10th man on most team’s roster.  Kelenna does have the right to refuse any trade up to July, as he was restricted free agent that we matched, and he cannot be traded to the Clippers.


Monta doesn’t look like the Monta of old at the moment.  His jump shot is off and he has lost a step.  It’s most likely because of rust and lack of game conditioning, still Monta is due is 11 million for the next 4 years and has a player option for the 5th year.  While there is a very good chance Monta regains his form and plays like he did at the end of last year, he still has glaring deficiencies. Notably being a poor defender, undersized for the 2 guard, and lack of true point guard skill for the 1.


Anthony Randolph was billed as having some of the most upside going into the draft and having the biggest bust potential as well.  After more than half a season, those tags still remain.  Randolph is on the first year of his 4 year rookie deal.  Randolph shows a great flair for rebounding and blocking shots.  His athleticism is through the roof and he has the potential to be a good defender at the 3 or the 4.  However Randolph is ridiculously raw at the moment.  He is wild and out of control at the offense end, leading to a high turnover rate.  He chooses to use his flashy ‘guard’ skills at the perimeter, to low success, instead of showing any type of low post game.  Also Randolph seems to have a lot of character issues, while most of these might be solved with a change of scenery; it’s still a reason to have concern.


Bellinelli was relegated to the end of the bench all his rookie year and the beginning of this season.  When finally given the chance to play, Marco was productive this season before an ankle injury.  While his shooting touch was over estimated, his defense and ball handling skills were under estimated. He is on the second year of his 4 year rookie deal.  Bellinelli is most likely not a NBA starter, but he will likely blossom as a useful backup guard that is able to play both the 1 and the 2.  Not the greatest shooter, but when he heats up, he can light it up from 3 point range.


Crawford is scheduled to make a little over 9 million next season and 10 million the season after that.  He does have an early termination option at the end of this season, but he likely won’t find an offer that big on the open market so there is a good chance he doesn’t opt out.  Crawford has been on losing teams his entire career.  He is a decent score who scores on bunches, generally on shooting volume jump shots.  He doesn’t have a good game driving to the hoop and he is possibly one of the worst defenders in the NBA.  Crawford is a poor rebounder for his size.  He does have decent court vision and ball handling skills and can be a good distributor if he puts his mind to it.  Good character guy.


Little to No Trade Value

Anthony Morrow, Rob Kurz, Marcus Williams, and CJ Watson

Anthony Morrow might be the best of the bunch; he probably can be on the end of the bench for most good teams and can probably crack the rotation on poor teams.  He has a team option for next season for under a million. Rob Kurz has no value in a trade as he is not a NBA level player; his contract is the league minimum and expires at the end of the year.  Marcus Williams might be a serviceable backup NBA point guard but his contract (1.2 million) expires at the end of the year with no protection. CJ Watson has played well in Nellie’s system this season but is either a ridiculously undersized 2 or a shoot first point that has little true point guard skills.  Either way he is an end of the bench type of player.

Jermareo Davidson cannot be traded since he just signed his contract for the rest of the season and can’t be traded till after the 30 days of that signing, which will be past the trade deadline.


Negative Trade Value

Corey Maggette

Maggette has a ridiculous 4 years left on his contract after this season for approximately 9 million next season, 9.5 the year after that, 10 million 2010-2011, and 11million 2011-2012.  Maggette is a great scorer who shoots at a high percentage and can get to the line very easily where he shoots very well.  He is an average rebounder and not very good at anything else.  On offense he tends to use man isolation by himself and leaves the rest of the team to stand around and watch him.

Stephan Jackson

Jackson was an attractive player at the beginning of the season with a reasonable contract for this season and next.  He is a savvy veteran that plays good defense.  However with his contract extension (4 more years at about 9 million per year), not too many teams want a 30+ player that is locked for 4 more years.  Jackson is a good distributor but a horrible ball handler.  Jackson is a streaky shooter who can really light it up if he is hot, but will also continue to jack it up repeatedly is he is on a cold shooting night.  Jackson is a team captain and has been called a great team mate by his former teammates; however he is still viewed as semi-toxic around the league.  Jackson accumulates an amazing amount of technical fouls and is known for complaining excessively about non-calls and will sometimes staying back from defense to argue with officials.


So there it is.  So before you say ‘let's trade Maggette, Crawford, and Randolph for Chris Bosh’, check this out to see what our player might be worth to the other team.

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