Truth be heard.....

It is clear that there is a HUGE amount of dissatisfaction from the majority of Golden State Warrior fans for the way the 2008-2009 season has developed. However the majority is also not venting this displeasure at the players (some fell off moped’s punch drunk on cash, some sulked like babies to get more cash here or elsewhere, some lost form, some shone very brightly, etc) no…instead the majority of fans from the impression I get is that the Front Office is possibly more disliked now than it has ever been?

Unfortunately Bay Area basketball fans seem to be amongst the most dedicated in the league and as such they dearly love their basketball and as such they will pay money to go watch their team. Some might point out that such attendance is in some way shape or form an indication that the club is clearly fully supported by its fans when in fact I do not think this is the case.

So just for people to give their own display and for this never to be refuted by management as “Media spin” I have decided to post the question below.

If Christopher Cohan has a single interest in the concerns of the fans that support the club he owns, he might consider certain positions within the organization. If people have been seen to have done a bad job then they should be fired, pure and simple. Maybe every Club 200 season ticket holder should sign up to a law suit suing the organization for compensation following the statement made by Robert Rowell? It seems money is the primary driving factor in this organizations consideration of fans and yes they dropped prices for next year, but how does this compensate the fans of this year, other than guarantee more money in the bank now?

Some have suggested a boycott of the Arena. This is hard to do when we as fans are so loyal to our team and we enjoy supporting our team, however there must be means by which the fans must be heard and this will be either in the form of a poll, a petition, or protests before games for changes to be made in the front office.

If you read in the media guide that is issued to media with regards to people and positions, there are a number of senior positions now held by people who started off as ticket sales interns. The problem that occurs here is your management team becomes an Ivory Tower. They are groomed in the style and manner of the existing organization members and thus you get a blinkered view of the world and one where you dare not step out of line. This organization NEEDS fresh blood to come into the Front Office and help sort out the mess that this season was. It needs to embrace the fact that there might be people who are die hard Warriors fans who might also have a great deal of business knowledge and experience that can assist this Basketball franchise to become one of the most successful in the league with a fan base that is pleased with the front office and their treatment from said office.

For example, blame was put by one season ticket rep to me on the diabolical lines and food service at Oracle Arena as being the fault of Levy restaurants as they have the contract for the food and beverages and thefore it is not the fault of the Warriors. Am I then to assume they will have their contract terminated this offseason, or does the organization intend to reward poor performance with continued business. That all depends on what the Franchise actually thinks of its fans, and this year, that was not very much in Club 200.

This franchise NEEDS some marketing, organizational and business minded Pitbull’s to come into the fold and start making sweeping changes before next year. Throughout the year Season Ticket reps were voicing the concerns relayed to them throughout the whole season….and nothing was done. That means that whoever was at the top of the tree responsible for season ticket holders, failed miserably in their job. Alternatively they also banged their fist on the table and said “this simply isn’t good enough we have to change” or…said person was in fact overruled by the senior management of this franchise and told not to worry about it? However the company President was quick tolay blame and point fingers at others, stating that he would “kick the backsides of those responsible at the back of this room”. However nothing has been stated or mentioned as to what will be done yet at the same time the organization is saying “give us your money..we cannot do this without you”.

So the question below is posed and it is a simple yes or no answer. At the very least, this will indicate the current level of fan perception of the front office of this franchise, what Mr Cohan then does with that, is down to him.


This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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