Day 24 of the NBA 2k9 Playoffs

Yes, Mother's Day.  What a great day to sit around, enjoy time with the fam, and watch good ol' playoff basketball.  I was lucky enough to be able to have the Rockets-Lakers game on in the background while I ate my delicious lunch with my parents and brother.  I didn't really get to follow much, but no matter.  All I needed to see was






BIG UPS to the Rockets for "embarrassing" (anyone see that post game interview of Phil Jackson?) the Fakers and tying up the series.  Did I mention that they did it without Yao Ming?  Amazing!

Jump for some words on the Celtics-Magic.

A few hours later, I went out to dinner with some good friends.  I started to constantly check my phone to see the score of the Celtics-Magic game but then soon got wrapped in the dinner conversation (who thought human interaction would actually be cool?) 

Anyway, I checked my newly obtained Twitter account and I saw this.

DAVIS? seriously?

Thinking we had just got Baron Davis back.  I seriously jumped out of my seat and started giving hugs to everyone around my table.  I then looked back down at my Twitter feed and the same friend said,

 "...always ready to shoot.  I worked on that all day, everyday I work on that and that's what you see.  HARD work." - big baby davis.

Oh..something must have happened in the Celtics game.  Checked the score and...

Wow, unbelievable.

A few hours later, that same friend decided to hit me up and send me this YouTube video show me what the heck she was talking about.


Do I even need to make a joke here or is what he saying funny enough?

Along with this one....

Why does Mark Cuban sound like Cookie Monster?

Maybe we should put some serious consideration into that line up.  Can you say...CHAMPIONSHIP!?!?!

Thanks for the info homie!



Sums up my thoughts from today's games.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks, 4:00 PM on TNT

This is really all you need to know about this series, the Cavaliers, and LeBron James.

LeBron James has played 108 minutes in this year's playoffs and has scored 108 points.

How do you stop a man that scores a point in a minute?  What kind of efficiency is that?  ( me out here) 

Like the Sopranos, THIS SERIES IS OVER.

Blog Battle: Fear the Sword (Cavaliers) vs Peachtree Hoops (Hawks)

Denver Nuggets at Dallas Mavericks, 6:30 PM on TNT

Still upset about that no-call (surprisingly on the defensive end) from Saturday?  This might be the one time I side with the Mavericks, but that was a blatant foul.  I have no idea why they let that slide...

Either way, this Mavs team can't bounce back from that game. 

Like the Sopranos, THIS SERIES IS OVER. (Tell me someone gets that reference.)

Blog Battle: Pick Axe and Roll (Nuggets) vs Mavs Moneyball (Mavericks)



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