NBA Draft SuperThread II

2009 NBA Draft:

June 25, 2009


4 p.m.-9 p.m. PST


Current Draft Order:

1. Los Angeles Clippers
2. Memphis Grizzlies
3. Oklahoma City Thunder
4. Sacramento Kings
5. Washington Wizards
6. Minnesota Timberwolves
7. Golden State Warriors
8. New York Knicks
9. Toronto Raptors
10. Milwaukee Bucks
11. New Jersey Nets
12. Charlotte Bobcats
13. Indiana Pacers
14. Phoenix Suns


NCAA Players who have declared:

Darion Anderson Northern Illinois So. G 6-2 200
Anderson has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Ryan Anderson Nebraska Jr. G 6-4 205
Anderson has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Dominique Archie South Carolina Jr. F 6-7 200
Archie has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
DeJuan Blair Pittsburgh So. F 6-7 265
Blair has already suffered two knee injuries. There's no sense in having a third before signing an NBA contract, which is why the Big East Player of the Year made a wise move to declare when his stock was high (and knees functional).
Derrick Brown Xavier Jr. F 6-8 225
Assuming Brown returns to Xavier (which he should), first-year coach Chris Mack will have a team expected to win another Atlantic 10 title.
Chase Budinger Arizona Jr. F 6-7 220
Budinger was always going to be picked about where he'll be picked this year, i.e., in the mid-to-late first round. There was no reason to put it off again to play for a fourth coach in four years.
Nick Calathes Florida So. G/F 6-6 195
Calathes is in really good shape considering he has the option of playing in the NBA or professionally in Greece. Either way, he'll make a nice paycheck after two NITs at Florida.
Earl Clark Louisville Jr. G/F 6-9 225
Clark could be the type who is a better pro than he was a college player. His body, quite simply, is built for the NBA game.
Dwayne Collins Miami (Fla.) Jr. F 6-8 240
Collins has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Kareem Cooper Texas-El Paso Jr. C 7-0 285
After failing at Memphis and UTEP, now Cooper wants to be a pro. Hilarious ... for everybody except him.
Kenneth Cooper Louisiana Tech Jr. C 6-10 260
Cooper has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Brandon Costner NC State Jr. F 6-9 230
Costner is a classic case of a guy who stayed in college past the point when his stock had peaked. He'll make money playing basketball somewhere, but it might not be in the NBA.
Stephen Curry Davidson Jr. G 6-3 185
Curry had done just about all he could do in college, and it was wise to take advantage of this weak draft. Barring a surprise, he'll be a lottery pick and a 12-year relevant professional.
Bryan Davis Texas A&M Jr. F 6-9 240
Davis has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Austin Daye Gonzaga So. F 6-11 200
Daye has obvious talent, and if he remains in the draft somebody will select him. But he's never been consistently dominant on the collegiate level, and that should be a concern for NBA franchises.
DeMar DeRozan USC Fr. F 6-7 200
Don't be surprised in five years if DeRozan is one of the best players from this draft. It took him a while to adjust to the college game, but he was brilliant late in the season, and he'll probably be brilliant in the NBA at some point in the future.
Eric Devendorf Syracuse Jr. G 6-4 180
Devendorf was so much fun to coach in college that Jim Boeheim basically pushed him out the door. It's doubtful an NBA team will be interested.
Devan Downey South Carolina Jr. G 5-9 175
Downey has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Osiris Eldridge Illinois State Jr. G 6-3 190
Eldridge has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Wayne Ellington North Carolina Jr. G 6-4 200
There is nothing more Ellington can do to enhance his stock. This is clearly the time for him to go, and he'll make an NBA roster, almost certainly.
Chinemelu Elonu Texas A&M Jr. F/C 6-10 235
Elonu has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Tyreke Evans Memphis Fr. G 6-6 220
Evans shook a lot of the bad labels in a spectacular season at Memphis. He's a guaranteed lottery pick with the tools to be a nice scorer at the NBA level.
Gary Flowers Chipola JC (FL) So. F 6-8 214
From Oklahoma State to junior college to the NBA Draft. Yeah, this will probably work just fine.
Jonny Flynn Syracuse So. G 6-0 185
Flynn was smart to get in this draft because his stock is high enough where he could be the second or third true point guard taken. It would've been hard to improve on that next year considering John Wall will almost certainly be in that draft.
Jonathan Gibson New Mexico State Jr. G 6-2 180
Gibson has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Kyle Gibson Louisiana Tech Jr. G 6-5 205
Gibson has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Taj Gibson USC Jr. F 6-9 225
Gibson is already 23 years-old, so it makes sense for him to at least try this. It's doubtful he'll get into the first round, but he probably won't get in there next year either, which is why it might just be time to go and deal with the result, whatever that is.
Blake Griffin Oklahoma So. F 6-10 250
Griffin was the best player in college this season by a wide margin, and he's the top pick in this NBA Draft by a similarly wide margin.
D'mond Grismore Huston-Tillotson (TX) Jr. C 6-6 --
Apparently, the 'D' stands for dumb.
Rogér Guignard Texas-Arlington Jr. G 5-11 165
Guignard has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Daniel Hackett USC Jr. G 6-5 205
Hackett probably isn't an NBA player, but he can make a nice living overseas, which is the realistic plan.
Luke Harangody Notre Dame Jr. F 6-8 250
The consensus is that Harangody will be back at Notre Dame. That's good, because Notre Dame is where he belongs.
James Harden Arizona State So. G 6-5 218
Harden will go in the upper half of the lottery because he's a crafty and skilled guard who can play right away. The only question is whether he has the athleticism to truly be a star.
Kevin Harris Northwest Mississippi CC So. G 5-11 --
Somebody must have told Harris that 5-foot-11 JC point guards are a commodity.
James Lewis Fresno Pacific Jr. G 6-4 --
Lewis has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Paul Harris Syracuse Jr. F 6-4 230
Harris has an obvious size problem that'll make his transition to the NBA difficult. Still, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him in the league guarding and rebounding as a specialty player next season.
Gerald Henderson Duke Jr. G/F 6-4 215
Henderson always had the tools to be great, and he was great for much of the ACC season. He's likely to go in the lottery, which makes leaving now a sensible move.
Jordan Hill Arizona Jr. F 6-10 235
Hill helped himself as much (if not more) than anybody this past season while averaging a double-double for the Wildcats. He's a guaranteed top 10 pick, one who could easily go in the top five.
Jrue Holiday UCLA Fr. G 6-3 180
Holiday was underwhelming as a freshman, somewhat of a disappointment. But he's still talented with great potential, and for those reasons he'll be selected in the first round.
Damion James Texas Jr. G/F 6-7 220
James isn't really a guard or a forward, and there's no guarantee he'll go in the first round. Consequently, the most common belief is that he'll return to Texas for his senior season and try to help the Longhorns make the Final Four.
James Johnson Wake Forest So. F 6-9 245
Johnson is one of those guys who just looks like a pro. Barring a surprise, he'll go in the first round.
Mac Koshwal DePaul So. C 6-10 255
Koshwal is an interesting prospect, but it's hard to imagine a scenario under which he gets guaranteed money right now. He'd be smart to return to DePaul, for at least another year.
Gani Lawal Georgia Tech So. F 6-8 215
It would be nice to see Lawal play with Derrick Favors next season. But there's a decent chance he'll go in the first round of this draft, so it would be hard to blame him for remaining in.
Ty Lawson North Carolina Jr. G 5-11 195
Lawson's stock could not be higher than it is now given the way he performed in the NCAA tournament. If he stays healthy and focused, he should be a quality NBA point guard for many years.
Darnell Lindsay Tennessee Tech Jr. F 6-4 205
Lindsay has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Dior Lowhorn San Francisco Jr. F 6-7 230
Lowhorn has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Ater Majok Connecticut Fr. F 6-10 240
Majok never played at UConn, and he was never going to because of his connection to the school's ongoing recruiting scandal. In other words, entering the draft was his only real move, most believe.
Jodie Meeks Kentucky Jr. G 6-4 210
Meeks will probably be selected if he remains in the draft, but he seems likely to return to Kentucky and thrive in John Calipari's dribble-drove motion offense.
Nate Miles Southern Idaho Fr. G 6-7 170
Needless to say, Miles already has an agent.
Patrick Mills Saint Mary's So. G 6-0 180
It's unclear where Mills will be selected, but there's no doubt he's already capable of playing in the NBA.
Tasmin Mitchell LSU Jr. F 6-7 240
Mitchell probably isn't ready to play in the NBA, but there's no harm in declaring (and then withdrawing when the times comes to do it).
B.J. Mullens Ohio State Fr. C 7-0 275
Mullens was hardly impressive as a freshman. But he's tall and he can dunk, so some NBA team will be happy to make him a millionaire.
Ronald Ogoke Paul Quinn College (TX) Jr. C 7-0 225
Ogoke averaged 3.8 points for an NAIA team. He couldn't get drafted by a Big West school, much less an NBA franchise.
Patrick Patterson Kentucky So. F 6-9 235
Patterson is an interesting case. If he wants to be rich now, he should stay in the draft. But if he wants to try to make a Final Four with Jodie Meeks, DeMarcus Cousins, Darius Miller, Darnell Dodson (and perhaps John Wall), then he should return to UK and get rich next year.
Scottie Reynolds Villanova Jr. G 6-2 190
The word is that Reynolds is just testing to test, but that he'll ultimately be back at Villanova. If that happens, the wildcats could make another Final Four.
D.J. Rivera Binghamton Jr. G 6-4 190
Rivera has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Terrence Roderick Alabama-Birmingham So. G 6-6 180
Roderick almost averaged six whole points per game last season at UAB before 'leaving' the team. The NBA must be thrilled to have him available.
Magnum Rolle Louisiana Tech Jr. F-C 6-11 220
Rolle has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Junior Salters Wofford Jr. G 6-1 190
Salters has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Donald Sloan Texas A&M Jr. G 6-3 205
Sloan has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Tyler Smith Tennessee Jr. F 6-7 215
All season it appeared Smith's junior year would be his last. But he doesn't seem to be a lock for the first round, and now it's reasonable to think he might return to Tennessee.
DaJuan Summers Georgetown Jr. F 6-8 235
Summers is an intriguing prospect. But he led a team once ranked in the top 10 to the NIT, and it's questionable why he is in such a hurry to leave Georgetown considering it's unclear whether he can get into the first round of this draft.
Shawn Taggart Memphis Jr. F 6-10 240
Taggart will be graduated by the time next season begins, so it might simply be time to move on and take a paycheck somewhere. But he seems interested in returning to Memphis and possibly being the best player under first-year coach Josh Pastner, and that's what most believe he's going to do.
Jonathan Tavernari BYU Jr. G/F 6-6 215
Tavernari has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Jeff Teague Wake Forest So. G 6-2 180
Teague was better early than late, as was Wake Forest. But the combo guard still has that explosive first step, and there's no reason to think he won't go in the first round if he remains in the draft.
Hasheem Thabeet Connecticut Jr. C 7-3 265
Some insist the best-case scenario is that Thabeet will be Dikembe Mutombo, and they say it like that's a bad thing. Remember, Mutombo was an eight-time All-Star, and any franchise would love one of those.
Malcolm Thomas San Diego City College So. F 6-9 220
Thomas would be wise to go ahead and enroll at San Diego State, where he belongs.
Dar Tucker DePaul So. F 6-5 215
If Tucker was simply tired of losing at DePaul, this makes sense. But otherwise, what's the rush?
Jarvis Varnado Mississippi State Jr. F/C 6-9 210
The feeling is that Varnado will get some feedback that suggests he isn't a lock for the first round, at which point he'll announce he's returning to Mississippi State, where he could play beside Renardo Sidney and challenge for the SEC title.
Greivis Vasquez Maryland Jr. G 6-6 190
Vasquez is probably a second-rounder, and the worst-case scenario has him earning a paycheck in another country. But unless he just hates college, the wise move is to return to Maryland, improve his game and see if guaranteed money is available next year.
Martez Walker Riverside CC (CA) Fr. F-G 6-6 225
Walker had a better chance of getting drafted out of middle school than he does now. His stock was higher back then.
Michael Washington Arkansas Jr. F/C 6-9 240
Washington is a likely second-rounder, one who could benefit from one more year at Arkansas.
Jeremy Wise Southern Miss Jr. G 6-2 165
Wise has no chance of getting drafted. He should return to school.
Nic Wise Arizona Jr. G 5-10 175

It was fine for Wise to declare, but he's not an NBA player with guaranteed money waiting. Odds are, he'll return to Arizona.


International Players who have declared:




Our Projected Pre-Off-Season 2010 Starting Lineup:

PG: None (Crawford/Watson)

SG: Monta Ellis

SF: Stephen Jackson

PF: Anthony Randolph

C: Andris Biedrins

6th Man: Corey Maggette


Why the Warriors should draft a PG:

If there's a position we are thin at it will be at the PG position. We are lacking Pass First or Court Vision while we have a more than adequate amount of scoring PG's.

Our PG's: Ellis, Morrow, Watson, Crawford


Why the Warriors should draft a SG or SF:

My personal opinion is that we are OK at these positions especially at the 2, but we need a 2 or 3 who can defend man to man and possibly shoot the long ball. We can also go 2 or 3 if management's draft strategy is to go BPA (Best Player Available).

Our 2's: Ellis, Morrow, Crawford, Belinelli, Jackson, Maggette, Azubuike

Our 3's: Jackson, Maggette, Azubuike, Randolph [Possible]


Why the Warriors should draft a PF:

I also personally think we are fit in the future at PF, a combo of Wright and Randolph may set us for years IF we keep them. Regardless, if we win the lotto for the #1 we pick Griffin if we lose and go BPA we may pick another PF (Which I doubt).

Our 4's: Randolph, Kurz, Davidson, Wright, Turiaf, (All 3's if we play small)

Why the Warriors should draft a C:

The Warriors should draft a Center, but not as a starter, but a backup. This years draft is incredibly weak at the Center spot with only 2 1st round talents in Thabeet and Mullens. You do not draft a backup at #7, but once again if we go BPA and Thabeet is available at our slot not at #1 then he may be the pick.

Our 5's: Biedrins, Turiaf, Randolph, (All 4's if we play small)

Why the Warriors should Trade The Pick:

The Warriors should trade down if at our slot there is no perfect candidate to pick with (Mainly a non-top 3 pick). A trade down to the mid-later 1st would give us many specialists to pick and some pre-season high rated prospects such as Mullens, Teague, Aminu, Lawson, Collison. We can also trade for current NBA players who management target.


EJ's Draft Board with Personal Scouting reports:


Earl Clark


Earl Clark would give us a future long term prospect at the SF position and would allow AR to natural develop at the 4. Did very well under Pitino and was praised for his defense and rebounding. Earl has the ability to bang down low with other bigs and can hit from downtown as well. He's a very solid defender and loves to contest shots. Was originally a SG. Earl is highly inconsistent and is very turnover prone which will lead to inefficiency, there are also questions about his mental toughness and basketball IQ.


Demar DeRozan


Demar is another Pac-10 prospect and could've been a favorite among SC fans if he did not declare. Was a highly regarded SG/SF prospect coming out of High School. Two words to describe Demar: Offensive Powerhouse. Demar is an excellent offensive option from 17 feet to the hoop. His mid range game is solid, he's a highly effective slasher and gets to the hoop well with fluidity and grace, and he's deadly in transition. His freakish athleticism and  long wingspan should make him a good defender, but his footwork needs some tweaking. Demar is in my opinion a 'project' prospect, very high ceiling and great tools, but inconsistency, a less than stellar 3-Point range, inability to create for teammates, and below average ball handling may make him bust.


Tyreke Evans


Tyreke Evans was another highly touted HS prospect. Was ranked in top 5 by most major scouting agencies and major sports networks. Tyreke is a score first PG, but may has the ability to play SG in the NBA. Tyreke has excellent size at 6'6" and a Wingspan of 7'3". He has great range and has the ability to hit from downtown, is excellent in transition, and finishes very well at the hole. Him and Jennings are probably the most exciting players in this draft.  He's able to defend both guard positions which was seen alot with the Tigers and is apt in grabbing steals. Tyreke has all the tools to be an offensive juggernaut, but he has to cut his turnovers down (Worst in this years Draft class), needs to work on his lackluster PG skillset, needs to be more disciplined on the court (He's spontaneuous), and has off court issues.


Blake Griffin


Blake is the unofficial #1 prospect in this draft. He's likely to go #1 and will not go past #2 in any situation. Blake is a big and mobile PF who loves to do the dirty work down low and was the most efficient player in the NCAA. The former Sooner has an NBA Ready body that will get you rebounds, will get you points in the paint, and will get his hands dirty on Defense. A great character and teammate, high work ethic, to add to his freakish athleticism for his size. Handles the ball well and passes well for a big man. However, he is not a perfect specimen; he still has not developed a good mid range game (Can't hit well beyond 13-14 feet), is only a 60% FT shooter, Defensive technique is inadequate, has had knee injuries, and is turnover prone.


James Harden


James Harden was the best player in the Pac 10 this year. Was highly efficient on both sides of the ball. Offensively he's able to get to the rim with relative ease and his body control is outstanding, he's able to twist his body which make him an excellent slasher and a perfect guy to have on the fast break. He's a SG who has great court vision, great passing ability, high basketball IQ, and is not erratic with his shot selection. Defensively, he is one of the best, he can guard well Man to Man, is strout, is active on terrorizing passing lanes, and looks as if he actually wants to play D. He has decent range (Can hit downtown as well), but has an inconsistent jumper. He also has average, or maybe less than average, agility and athelticisim. He's also very turnover prone and his handling skills are questionable.


Jordan Hill


Jordan Hill is likely to be the second PF taken off the board. Jordan is another athletic big with an ideal NBA body. The former Wildcat contested well for top Pac-10 player, but I have Harden narrowly beating him out. Jordan, a Junior, has showed great improvement since his Freshman year. He has developed a very solid mid range game, is working on post moves, is a stout shot blocker, is quick and mobile for his size, and is an excellent rebounder. However, he has not developed advanced post moves yet, is old for the draft class, is still inexperienced (Only started playing in High School), is a 65% FT shooter, and still needs to make smarter decisions and work on fundamentals (FT Shooting, Passing, Footwork).


Brandon Jennings


Brandon Jennings was the #1 prospect coming out of HS last year and became a High School to EuroLeague Trailblazer. A true PG who is amazingly fast, athletic, and flashy. Dangerous off the dribble and in transition, a terror in the press,  and wonderful in stealing the ball (Ranked #1: 5.1 Steals/40 Minutes). He gets to the hole with relative ease while being able to create for himself and for others which makes him a nautral playmaker. Skeptics ask; Did the decision cost him? Although he has matured significantly and played in the second best league he is still turnover prone, is undersized and skinny, is an average jumpshooter, and is a lackluster rebounder,

Ty Lawson


Former Tar Heel and Champion, Ty Lawson, is one of 3 excellent true PG's in this years class. As shown in his fantastic big dance performence he is the fastest person in this draft, is a terror on the open court, is phenomonal in the press and in stealing the ball, and is great in creating oppurtunities for others. His PG skillset is excellent in terms of his passing ability, court vision, and ability to draw defenders to himself via his speed which allows him to make easy passes. He has a solid jumpshot with 3-Point range, takes care of the ball very well, and terrific at getting to the hole. Although, he has good bulk for his size, frankly, he is short. He's under 6 foot (5'11") which will give him a hard time offensively against taller defenders. Although a Junior he is still inexpereinced and needs to inspire his teammates in ways other than on the court.

Ricky Rubio


Pistol Pete, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd. These are the comparisons that he is being drawn to and may be rightfully so. Best PG skillset in this draft as well as one of the youngest. Ricky is a wonderful passer, has eagle eye court vision,  a great knowledge of the game, has faced many tough opponents, and is a tenacious defender. He is excellent in transition and Ricky has the best Assist/40 Minutes in this draft class, which sits at 10.8/40 Minutes and that's saying something in the Slower paced Euroleague. He's a wild defender, think Sasha Vujacic, and like the other 2 excellent PG's is great in the press and at stealing the ball. He also has the best size of the 3 standing tall at 6'3". He does have weakness though; he's coming off an inury to his wrist, is less than average with his jumper, and is highly turnover prone (2.8/2.4 Ratio in the Euroleague and 2.6/3.0 in the lesser Spanish league). He's also young and inexperienced and has the tendency to be too flashy at times.


Hasheem Thabeet


Hasheem "The Dream" Thabeet was probably my second favorite prospect coming in this year. Hasheem has good athleticism for his size and position and is one of the most mobile Centers I have seen in a long time. His big body also allows him to grab rebounds. Hasheem is a marvelous shotblocker and uses his excellent 7'3" height to help him in doing so. His shotblocking and Defense has drawn comparisons to Mt. Mutombo. He's also shown vast amounts of improvement since joining the Huskie basketball program. As gifted as he is Defensively, it's hard to say that about his offense. He still has not developed much post moves outside of his baby hook and really needs to work on his offensive repiortre. He also needs to work on handling the ball better. He's inexperienced as he's only been playing several years. Lastly, he seems to fade in big games and has been outshined by DeJuan Blair of Pitt.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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