Lottery mock draft

 The lottery spots have been decided and the draft is about a month away so I decided to make a mock draft of the fourteen teams who were in the lottery.


1. L.A. :Blake Griffin- The most obvious choice in this years draft. There coach on a interview on the phone said they are definately taking him in this years draft. Maybe this will make Baron happy.

2. Memphis :Ricky Rubio- They have shopped around Mike Conley pretty freely so it would only be logical to pick the best point guard available.  And imagine the big three of Mayo, Rubio and Gay. That would instantly make them one of the best offensive teams in the league.

3. Oklahoma City :Hasheem Thabeet- They really need size down low and Thabeet instantly gives them a defensive pressence and they have enough offensive firepower to make up for possible short comings.

4. Sacremento :James Harden- They got royally screwed in this years lottery so I think they will probably go with the safest choice here in Harden. some people have him sliding down because of his performance in the tournament but he is a great player no doubt. And he can play point guard shooting guard and small forward for them.

5. Washington :Jordan Hill- Washington has some good young big men but no one with his type of potential. He can be a corner stone for this team and with Jamison and Arenas having some injury problems he can add more stability to the offense.

6. Minnesota :Brandan Jennings- They have very little to none point guard deph and they want Foye to play the two so they take the best point guard available to play alongside Randy Foye and Mike Miller.

7. Golden State :Jrue Holiday- There are many possibilities at this pick including Lawson and Evans but The way Holiday plays defense puts him above the rest. He can wait for his moment or come in and help right away. Him and Monta would work well together. Even if we wanted Monta to still be the point guard of the future Holiday can play the two. It is just an all round solid pick.

8. New York :Stephen Curry- He brings the excitment and scoring ability there coach loves. He just seems destin there and would finally give them hopefully a player to call a franchise player.

9. Toronto :Demar Derozan :They need a swingman to run the court and make those tougher shots. They lack the good swingman and Marion may leave and if he stays he is not a great starter anymore and he could bring back the fun they had with Carter.

10.Milwaukee :DeJuan Blair- He gives them instant toughness down low and gives them a great rebounder and hard worker. Evans could also be the pick but they need to get tougher inside.

11.New Jersey :Tyreke Evans- With Carter loosing a step and a big man put in place they need a swingman who give Harris a option on offense other then Carter and Lopez as the main guys. He also can play some point behind Harris aswell.

12.Charlotte :Gerald Henderson-They need a permanent solution at the two guard and he instantly gives them a improved offense with his versatility and shooting ability.

13.Indiana :Johnny Flynn-They need a big man who is defensively dominant.But there is no one here like that and T.J. Ford is not there answer at point. Flynn gives them a possible answer and he is an upgrade from Ford instantly.

14.Phoenix :Ty Lawson- Nash is getting older and is no longer the same player who won the MVP title. And he is not gaurnteed to stay there either so now they get some one waiting in the wings like how Stuckey waited behind Billups. He was chosen over Maynor because his speed and skill set work better in a fast paced system.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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