UPDATED: Making the Case... Jonny Flynn w/ 7th pick

UPDATE - 06/02/09:


Golden State

Jonny Flynn

Position: PG
Height: 6-1
Weight: 196
Age: 20
School: Syracuse

Analysis: The Warriors don't have a traditional point guard and I think it will be hard for them to pass on Flynn if he's still on the board. I thought they'd be taking a serious look at Brandon Jennings here, and they probably will, but Flynn has the leadership and heart that the Warriors desperately need. Jennings is a project who is much farther away. - Chad Ford

Here's a quick look at the top PG measurables in this upcoming draft. For more info see my post REMIX: More NBA Combine Measurables.

Name Height w/o Shoes Height w/shoes Weight Wingspan Standing Reach Body Fat No Step Vert Max Vert Bench Press Lane Agility 3/4 Court Sprint Class Rank Projected
Tyreke Evans 6' 4" 6' 5.25" 221 6' 11.25" 8' 8" 7.1 28.5 34.0 7 11.81 3.17 NA 6
Jrue Holiday 6' 3.25" 6' 4.25" 199 6' 7" 8' 4.5" 6.3 28.5 34.0 6 10.64 3.21 NA 13
Eric Maynor 6' 2.25" 6' 3.25" 164 6' 2.5" 8' 1" 5.4 28.5 31.5 8 10.78 3.19 NA 19
Stephen Curry 6' 2" 6' 3.25" 181 6' 3.5" 8' 1" 5.7 29.5 35.5 10 11.07 3.28 NA 8
Darren Collison 6' 0.25" 6' 1.5" 166 6' 3" 8' 0.5" 5.7 30.5 33.5 9 10.45 3.10 NA 27
Patrick Mills 5' 11.25" 6' 0.5" 175 6' 2" 7' 11" 6.9 27.5 33.0 8 10.87 3.10 NA 30
Ty Lawson 5' 11.25" 6' 0.5" 197 6' 0.75" 7' 10.5" 6.6 29.0 36.5 14 10.98 3.12 NA 17
Jonny Flynn 5' 11.25" 6' 0.75" 196 6' 4" 7' 11.5" 6.3 33.0 40.0 10 10.86 3.23 NA 10


The Original Case:

One of the fastest rising players in the nba draft blogsphere has be none other than Syracuse's 6-0, 186 lbs guard Jonny Flynn (yes that's how he spells his name). As post on Sactown Royality, ESPN's Chad Ford see Flynn's stock rising fast.

Flynn has a natural charisma that you can't teach. Whether it was leading Syracuse into the tournament or rallying players inside Tim Grover's ATTACK Athletics gym, Flynn has the personality to play a leading role on a team...

When Flynn gets into 3-on-3 and 4-on-4 drills, he's the most vocal player on the floor, calling out plays and screens. No matter what's going on in the gym, your eyes eventually end up gravitating back to Flynn....

I watched him in the gym for two days and thought everything about his jump shot looked smoother, less forced. He's been working with a shot doctor and seems to have found his range. He was hitting everything from midrange jumpers off screens to dribble-drive pull-ups to college and even NBA 3-pointers. Like virtually every prospect I've seen, Flynn still isn't an ace from the NBA 3. But he looked OK shooting it from there...

Over the past few weeks, a number of GMs seem to have been warming to Flynn and he looks like a potential lottery pick at the moment. A number of teams in the lottery including the Kings (No. 4), the Wizards (No. 5), the Timberwolves (No. 6), the Warriors (No. 7), the Knicks (No. 8), the Bucks (No. 10), the Pacers (No. 13) and the Suns (No. 14) all need point guards. And after speaking with at least one source from every team, I learned Flynn is in the mix for all of them.

- Chad Ford, ESPN

And Chad Ford isn't the only talking up Flynn's abilities. Jonathan Givony,, feature Flynn in his report on the A.T.T.A.C.K. Athletes Workout.

Flynn is one of the most explosive point guards in this draft, right in the same class as Brandon Jennings and Ty Lawson. His shiftiness in the open floor and pure speed getting up and down the court was very impressive, as were his ball-handling skills. While there wasn’t anything to take away from this setting in terms of evaluating his play making skills or court vision, it was great to see what a natural leader Flynn is around his cohorts. He looked incredibly focused and professional at all times, and really appears to have the ideal personality you look for at his position, as he’s extremely engaging and charismatic.

- Jonathan Givony, Draft Express


If indeed Flynn is as charismatic and vocal as Ford and Givrony has billed he'd have an intangable that was all but void on the Warriors last season. After being dumped by Baron Davis, the Warriors never found that leader at the PG spot. Sure Captain Jack was vocal and running the some of the sets, but we all know that isn't the role he was meant to fill here. I know that Mully would have loved for Ellis to assert himself become that leader, but with his mopped incident and subsequent 30 suspension that all but nuddered any vocal leadership we might see from him (grant that wasn't something he'd exhibited in previous season either).

The case for Flynn is simple. If we believe that Monta isn't the answer at PG, and if we believe that it's important to have a floor general at PG who's had significant college experience, than Flynn is answer. He's not a Curry or Evans in terms of shooting but as Draft Express reported in it's PG situational statistics article Flynn is an effective offensive player.

Flynn was a standout in two areas: his ability to get to the rim, and his one-on-one skills. Thankfully for him, those are two skills that the NBA values dearly. Clearly, his productivity is grounded in his first step. Flynn got to the rim 8.8 times per game, which accounted for a lot of his scoring, but his 1.24 PPP in unguarded catch and shoot situations and .94 PPP on pull up jumpers are both very respectable. His 4.3 possessions per game on isolations are amongst the best amongst big-conference players, and his 41% shooting on those plays isn’t awful. Couple those tools with his capacity to drive in both directions and his ability to draw fouls (16.1% SF), and it becomes hard not to think that Flynn could be, at the very least, a high quality backup if he improves his efficiency, especially once he masters the pick and roll (.84 PPP).

- Jonathan Givrony, Draft Express

Plus he can drop a highlight such as this:

Granted there is one major concern about drafting him, his height. As Ford said is article today

"But he's going to raise a lot of eyebrows when it comes to measurements. Syracuse has listed him, generously, at 6 feet for the past two seasons. Standing next to him, it's easy to see that Flynn will be lucky if he can crack 5-foot-11 in shoes. A measurement of 5-foot-10 is a better bet."

- Chad Ford, ESPN

If you like Aaron Brooks or Nate Robinson game... well that's Jonny Flynn. A 6-0 or under freak athlete that jam like no other for his size. However, what sets him apart for Brooks and Robinson is that his other calling card is that he's a true point guard. Were as Brooks and Robinson are much more dangerous with their jumpers and like Monta are really just an undersized shooting guard.

I'm not sure if a Flynn/Ellis backcourt would work, but I do know that it would be athletic as hell. Still have doubts? Check these clips:

And you want to see how his A.T.T.A.C.K. workout when then check out these clips from Draft Express.



Finally, a Buffalo, NY TV station (WGRZ) ran this piece profiling Jonny Flynn as the anti-athlete. That's a grounded young man, who's approaching the upcoming draft like a professional rather than seeing it as a birth right.

Overall, I'd grade Flynn as mid-to-lower level lottery pick. His height is definately a concern. However, I'm of the belief that you draft the best available player and if the Warriors are looking for a more experience PG with a rock solid background, then they should look no further that Jonny Flynn.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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