Holiday vs Jennings

This has been a well talked about discussion here. In my recent mock draft I had the Warriors selecting Brandon Jennings. I'm not so sure about that anymore. I have been looking at Jrue Holiday and everyday I grow more interested in him. So everybody, kick back relax and enjoy this post. I put a lot of hardwork into this. We begin with Brandon Jennings.




Brandon Jennings.............. where do I start. I mean he is real athletic he is quick he has the ability to create plays for his teammates. Look how he just blows by his defenders so easily. Look from 1:29 to 1:33 . That was amazing!!

-- Another thing, his offensive creativity. Look how he just tricks the defenders and does a no look pass to his teammate. Look from :38 to :40.

--  Brandon Jennings has a killer crossover. This time watch the full clip.  He has the ability to go anywhere he wants. I wouldn't be mad seeing him and Monta in the back court. A little undersized but its ok.

--  Again showing is explosiveness and creativity. Look at this play. Its ridiculous!!!!!! Only look from  :34 to :38.

--  This is the final clip for Jennings. This clip shows the way he plays in a real game. Brandon Jennings is the white team just to let you guys know. Check out the full clip.


Now it's Jrue Holiday




Where shall I start with Holiday. He is unselfish, all around defensive player,  he has a high basketball IQ, and he has the ability to finish around the basket.

-- Holiday can be lock down defender. Here are is a clip dedicated to his defense and effort. Watch the full clip.

-- I like his ability to finish. He could of easily dunked it here but I guess he didn't want to. Only look from 4:09 to 4:15. The next play was a dunk so look at it.

-- Look at this nasty crossover. I mean it is disgusting. The clip is really short so watch the full thing.

-- This clip shows how he can finish easy. He dunks on not 1 but 2 people. It is real good check it out.

-- This is the final clip for Jrue Holiday. This clip shows how he can shoot the ball, dunk it, pass, etc. Here it is



Well there it is. I hope you guys liked it. Right now I still can't choose who I want. Its a hard choice. So we will let the poll decide.


Oh yeah I would like to thank for helping me out with this. I would also  like to thank youtube for these videos.


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