Polling GSoM: Can the Warriors Do It Without Us?


That's all I heard at the end of last season - in the Roaracle, on TV, in the newspapers, all over the net...the organization kept saying....


As I mentioned the other day, Paul Wong's calling the Dubs out on it.  


Atma Brother 1, Hash, DJ Fuzzy Logic, and Paul Wong been believing since day 1!

Now, thanks to WarriorsWorld.net, we get to see Paul Wong's official words. 

Paul "We Believe" Wong's Letter to Robert Rowell. [Warriors World.net]





Mr. Wong's opening describes it all.

I have contemplated back and forth whether it's worth my time to write in about the disappointment that I have with the warrior's organization upper management, in specific you. No, this is not another angry season ticket holder blaming you for everything and anything that has happened to this team this season. Yet it's about a die hard fan that has giving his heart & soul to help this organization from a decade of miseries to becoming the darling of not just the bay area but the NBA as well.

This man DID give his heart and soul to this lousy franchise.  Not only did he start "We Believe" and get the whole Bay to join in, he caused the whole NATION to follow it!

Remember in the 07-08 playoffs when the #8 Atlanta Hawks took the #1 Boston Celtics to an unexpected Game 7?  Guess what they tossed up in their locker room before the game?


This was more than just the Warriors...it was something much much more for the whole NBA.

Prior to the beginning of 2007-2008 seasons, it was my understanding through our legal counsels that the Warriors would no longer be using "We Believe" in any of their promotions for the upcoming season. To my surprise, they were. I was angry, yet I was rather flattered that the organization's marketing team could not come up with something original themselves.

Why don't we take a look at that opening video of the 2007-2008 season.


"Where the best fans in the NBA happen." - Should have been a shot of Paul Wong.

This part of the letter is very telling of the Warriors organization as a whole. 

The day before April 10, 2008 the biggest game of the year vs. Denver which we loss 114-105 I'd contacted Travis (not sure last name) of marketing to help me with the cost of printing and passing out of the original "we believe" placards but never received a phone call back. Since without my permission the organization could not use the "We Believe" mantra I decided to print out the placards myself with my own money once again to pass out at that game. When I'd arrived that night, I was devastated to find "We Believe" placards placed on every seat with TNT on the back of them. I was left simply speechless! YOU GUYS MESSED UP THE MOJO!! It was never about the compensations!!!!! It was about winning, and getting this team to the PLAYOFFS! It was about creating this special feeling of "We have each others back" within that complex which we all have created together. That was what made Warriors fans the best fans in the NBA which made it impossible to beat us at Oracle.

As devastated as I was, my son and I flew out to Phoenix 4/14/08 holding on to the slimmest hope of the chance of the playoff. I want to thank Raymond Ridder for the tickets yet I had to purchase upgraded seats so that fans back home and the team could see the "Warriors Mojo Fan" was there to support. If only Baron would have shown up too, another story there. I would never forget that game, Chris Mullin personally came up to my son and I to say thank you for everything that we were doing for the team while you continued on walking away. Sorry Mr. Rowell you're not at the status of Chris Mullin yet he approached us instead.

I remember that Nuggets game - I was there.  There was that certain "We Believe" feeling still left in the building, but it was out of place to see the "TNT" logo right under those two symbolic words.  Like Mr. Wong said, the organization was selling out.  It wasn't about being the underdog, it wasn't about doing the impossible, it was about selling tickets.  What was the point of having the TNT logo on there anyway?  Throughout the Mavericks series, we were getting hated on by all the TNT announcers, ESPECIALLY Charles Barkley.  As fans, we could gang up on the man and prove the guy wrong.  Don't get me wrong, he's an NBA great and a pretty entertaining commentator, but it was awesome to see Tony's pic get posted on TNT before a game...


So why sell out to TNT? Did you really need to keep fattening your pockets Rowell?

Mr. Rowell,

Do you believe in "KARMA"?
Baron opts out?
Monta get's hurt?
Lose every buzzer beater game this season?
Season plague with injuries?

Hehehe...nice.  Like Justin Timberlake said, "What goes around, Comes Around."  Seems about right, doesn't it?

I also want to thank you for allowing me to pass the "We Believe" placards in your arena or we wouldn't have shared the majestic season that we all did. I hope this letter help in regards to the feeling and insight of a die hard fan. Just truly mean it when you say:


Today is going to be our last game with you all; I would like thank all of your staff. They are simply the best, if it wasn't for the love that they have shown us all these years this letter would've been written a long time ago.

I wish you and the organization the very best in all your endeavors. Please pack the house with true fans not with body counts.

You will be missed Paul Wong.  We at Golden State of Mind thank you for everything you did for the Warriors.

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