Do you believe in Monta's ability to be our PG?

Many of us perceive the PG position as our biggest problem. Nellie has been saying for the last 2+ seasons that Monta needs to be a PG in this league in order to be successful, I agree. He is too small to be a great 2 guard. Many of us feel that Monta should be traded because he doesn't fit well in our backcourt. Others suggest trading back for BD, while others see no problem with Monta being our PG. Here's what I think.

Since BD seems to be everybody's preferred example for a great Dubs PG in Nellie's system, I will attempt to explain how easily Monta can "change" his game into one that is similar, if not identical to Baron's.

Many of us seem to think that Monta needs to become a "Pass First" player to be our PG. I'll submit that this idea is not true. First of all, I would not describe BD as a pass first PG, in fact, the only 2 active PG's I would describe in that manner are Nash and JKidd. Baron looked to get his shot more often than he looked to make a pass.

This is just true. Considering all the offensive threats we had on our team, including Monta, Jack, Al, MB, J-Rich, etc., Baron should have easily averaged 10+ assists in at least one season with us. Nash would have. Baron just simply preferred to score. Which was not (is not) a problem. If you can put up 20 points a game in the NBA, you should do that, especially playing for Nellie. BD was a perfect fit for this team because he wasn't a pass first PG, I don't think we would have won anymore games with Nash as our point. In fact the season where we won the most games with Baron, 48, he had his lowest assist average out of any year with the Warriors at 7.6.

Monta is a more efficient scorer than Baron, and more importantly he is a better shot selector. To me that is one of the main things a PG needs to know how to do to make his team better, when to look for a shot, when to pass. Monta is not one of our Dubs that makes us cringe when he pulls up to shoot, ala BD and Jack, so that is already an improvement. Monta will score more efficiently and more intelligently that BD. Part of the reason Monta does this is because he understands the limits to his game, he is not going to shoot off of one foot falling backwards from 23 ft out, he probably won't even shoot form 23 ft out very much. As stated, he understands the limits of his own game. Even though he is younger, I'd say he does that better than Jack or BD, that makes him a very valuable ball handler.

What else makes him valuable as the primary ballhandler? His quickness. BD may have better handles than Monta, Jamal certainly does, but Monta's quickness makes it just as difficult for a defender to steal the ball from him. Can Monta pass? Yes, he can pass well, that's why he is in the NBA as a guard. Can he pass better than Jack? I don't think so, Jack drops some pretty spectacular dimes, but as I said, Monta is a better decision maker than Jack. He doesn't force as many stupid passes as Jack, sure he has forced stupid passes, so has BD, so has Nash, so has CP3. BD was just coming out of UCLA at this age, Monta has already had 3 years of NBA defense to get used to passing around. If not next season, sometime in the near future, we'll see Monta average Baron's Dubs average of 8.2 assists.

Another point of this post, other than comparing Monta to BD, is to show that as a team, we don't need a prototypical PG. We simply need a solid passer and ball handler at the point. Being that we'll have Dre, AR, Buike, and Jack in our starting lineup it is even more crucial that we have a lethal scorer at the point. That's what Monta is. He is the best out right scorer I have ever seen in a Warriors uniform. I was only born in '88, and I blaze a lot, so my basketball memory doesn't really start til about '96. Since I was so young I paid most of my attention to Michael Jordan. So maybe others of you feel differently, but I still stand pat, Monta is the best scorer I have seen in a Warriors uniform.

So it would be criminal to take that out of his game and out of our team's game. We need Monta to score, we need him to do what he does best. Sure, as our PG he does need to ensure that ball movement is consistent, but I would say that it's more crucial for Jack and Corey to work on that. In order for the Dub's to be most successful as a team they need to have ball movement. Everyone needs to get touches. We have to stop letting Jack and Corey become black holes on offense. Monta does need to set that tone in some regard, but since he's had people telling him he needs to be a PG for almost 3 seasons, and he has had a large number of fans and the media questioning his ability, I believe Monta understands what he has to do; he's also motivated to prove he can do it. We have scorers in almost every position, we're the Warriors, that should make it easier for Monta to become a solid PG.

We are not a typical NBA squad, we don't need a typical PG, Monta is the perfect fit for our squad. The only thing BD does better than Monta is post people up, but now that we have AR, BWright, and Ronny, we don't need Monta to do that. Monta just needs to score when he can, but learn not to force it.


All of this aside, our biggest problem was perimeter D last year. Monta playing the point allows us to play Jack and Azubuike with a legitimate PF, thus greatly improving our defense from last year. Everyone says we need a superstar, Monta is our best shot, and our team is at its best when he is playing PG. 

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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