GSW & Pistons trade?

wassup GSoM bloggers.. well ive been thinkin about ways to improve the team, so i thought about a trade with the detroit pistons who i think should be looking to get better also seeing how they got pounded by the Cavs in the playoffs.. so i came up with a trade that i believe would help out both sides... also this trade only can happen if crawford doesnt opt out, which i really think he wont cause there is no way hes gonna get the money he is owed next season from anywhere anyway...


Pistons recieve: Jamal Crawford & Capt. Jack & #7 pick of this yrs draft


Pistons recieve more fire power which they really do lack in with Crawford, and no matter how bad crawford's defense is he will get his points one way of the other and hes a streaky shooter and when he lights it up its tough to stop him, also he has some deadly ball handling skills that are very fun to watch, and it would help put some butts in those chairs at their arena, i mean did you see their playoff games on espn or tnt, it was nothing compared to one of our regular season games here at the oracle... Also they will be getting Captain jack, crazy right? cause he was involved in the Pacer/Piston brawl, but earlier in the season there were some rumors about him getting traded straight up for Tayshaun Prince so why not? and also Jackson has really matured and turn into a great leader and he also brings defense to the table which the pistons are really known for, so he would fit well with the team. Also they will be getting the #7 pick in the draft and seeing that the piston needs to rebuild with Sheed getting old and pistons just cant keep up with the elite teams in the east the #7 pick will bring in a young guy that would help them out...


Warriors recieve: Rip Hamilton & Tayshaun Prince & #15 pick of this years draft


Warriors recieve 2 defensive minded players that can run and gun and they both also have a good jump shot. Rip plays very well off the ball and him and Monta in the backcourt could be pretty deadly. Hes a 6-7 guard that can help guard the bigger guards, also he led the pistons in 3pt % so he fits in well with nellys system, and theres rumors of detroit shopping him around so why not come to the bay. Also warriors will be getting Prince, i know your probably thinking why would we get another tall lengthy guy when we already have AR4... well prince has a high basketball IQ and has a good shot and a above avg 3 point shot, he also is a very good ball handler, he usually brought the ball up for the pistons, and also he has mad d, i know all you guys remember that shot block he had on reggie miller's fast break layup, he could be nellys point forward and i think he would fit in very well in his system... also they get the #15 pick where we could still draft a decent backup point guard.

GSW's line up would look something like this...

PG- Monta, #15, and Watson(if we resign him)

SG- Rip, Morrow, Marco

SF- Prince, Mags, Buike

PF- Randolph, Wright, Turiaf, Kurz

C- Biedrins, Turiaf, Davidson


I think thats a team that could be contenders, playoff contenders? YES... Finals Contenders... MAYBE? haha


so what do you guys think GSoM bloggers? hate it? love it? give me some feedback...


-Golden Since Day 1

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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