Nellie now sees Curry as the best PG on the team


I didn't see this posted yet though I'm sure many people have read MT-2's blog. If you read the quotes from Nellie it seems pretty clear that he now sees Curry as the PG of the future.

Here's what Nellie said about Curry playing point:

Nellie: “He’s a heck of a player. We drafted him because we think he’s going to be a great point guard. Maybe not his first year. It takes a while for point guards to mature and feel comfortable. I always saw Steve Nash in him, and he is the greatest player I’ve ever coached,” Nelson said. “I’ve been looking for another one for a long time and this is as close as I’ve ever seen in a young player. He has that same ability that Steve had. Shooting, passing, knowledge, just the natural things he’s done that he’s worked on his whole life.”


That is some gushing praise. Granted, this could all be mind games and/or general BSing on Nellie's part. If I remember correctly, Nellie had an interview Ralph and Tom a few years ago where he heaped praise on Wright and Belinelli and we all know how that turned out.

Also, it could very well be Nellie trying to strengthen his position in a potential trade with Phoenix by demonstrating just how valuable Curry is to the W's.

If it is true, however, it seems like Nellie has made yet another total 180 on the question of Monta playing point:

After all that coddling and plotting based on Monta Ellis being the point guard, Nellie said Monta will (eventually) move to shooting guard and Jackson to small forward.
Remember, Monta has been deemed the point guard since late last season. They were so dialed into this Monta-at-point experiment that they traded away Jamal Crawford and flew to see Monta and “get on the same page” with him. Now, they may be back to the Baron days.

Nellie: “Yes, Jack is going back to 3. I emailed him that today, that ‘I moved you to 2 and you’re back to 3.’ We like Morrow very much, too, as a player in the backcourt. Jack said, ‘Wherever you want me, that’s where I’ll be.’”

Nellie makes it pretty clear that he believes Curry is already a better PG than Monta:

Check out his response when asked if Monta and Curry can co-exist.

Nellie: “That’ll be fine. Monta still has to work on his point guard skills as well and his passing skills. That was part of his program to get better at. This guy already has that. Monta has some work to do in that area but they’ll be fine together.”

Saying that an untested, albeit impressive, rookie already has greater PG skills than Monta does kind of seem like the typical Nellie style of motivation. It's also his style to simply call them like he sees them (and some might say be a cantankerous old prick). Though, if Monta is even half as angry as has been reported about his perceived insecurity at the PG spot , I cannot see him being very happy with the W's right now.

This wouldn't seem on the surface to be the best way to "motivate" Monta and Nellie had to know everything he said would be known by Monta and would not be received well. It sort of puts the thought in my conspiracy theory loving mind that Nellie maybe orchestrating a trade involving Monta. If he was, he would certainly be decreasing Monta's perceived value around the league by somewhat criticizing his potential at PG, then again that doesn't seem to have concerned Nellie before (see Harrington and Crawford). The other thing he could be doing is trying to inflate fans' perception of Curry and prop him up as potentially a worthy replacement to Monta if Monta were to be traded.

Like I said above, this could all be BS on Nellie's part and might not be worth paying attention to. Then again, it could have hidden implications for Nellie's plans. Either way, it'll be an interesting summer.

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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