2009 NBA Finals: Maybe it's time for Mickael Pietrus to switch to Nike Air Penny's

Despite switching up his kicks from Kobe's to Jordan's, the man once billed as the French Air Jordan Mickael Pietrus and his magical crew could not defeat the evil villain known as the LA Lakers in Game 1 of the 2009 NBA Finals.

It got me thinking. The last team to beat Michael Jordan in the NBA Playoffs was the Orlando Magic led by the dynamic duo of Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway and Lil' Penny powered by Chris Rock. (Well I guess it was a trio with Shaq, but I digress.)


via i.ebayimg.com

Maybe it's time for MP2 to take it back to the mid-90's and roll with a fresh pair of Nike Air Penny's for Game 2 to beat the wannabe-Jordan Kobe Bryant and his version of the Lake Show. Jump like Penny on the cover of Slam magazine for a look at the golden Nike Air Penny sneaker line and Lil' Penny video spots.

About the shoes...


Nike Air Penny I

Easily one of the greatest basketball kicks ever designed.


via www.sneakerfiles.com


via i13.photobucket.com


Nike Air Penny II

90's funky fresh!



via sneakernews.com

via www.eukicks.com


Nike Air Penny III


via sneakernews.com


via sneakernews.com

Even Timmy's amazed how high these kicks make you jump!


Nike Air Penny IV

Maybe the dullest installment in this line, but still a decent shoe.


via www.kicksaholic.com


Nike Air Foamposite One

Maybe they look bizzarre, but you can't knock the Innovation.


via theshoegame.com


via theshoegame.com


via theshoegame.com

Nike Air Penny 1/2 Cent (2009)

The Dub Zero of Penny's is definitely creative.


via www.sneakerfiles.com


via www.sneakerfiles.com


via www.sneakerfiles.com

The 1/2 Penny's get some major bonus points for the Lil' Penny logo and hologram.


Speaking of Lil' Penny, you didn't think I was going to leave you hanging, did you? Just hit PLAY. (Memo to Nike: This is how to market LeBron.)

Lil' Penny went to high school with KG? Who'da thought?


"You can't guard me. The secret service couldn't guard me!"

Very similar to the parties I throw:

Who can forget big Gheorghe?

Can you imagine if Lil' Penny was your coach?

"You should run! You can win!"

My personal favorite:

Lil' Penny + NBC intro = FANtastic


The design and marketing that went into the Nike Air Penny line was pure genius.

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