Andre Miller anyone?

So today I was poking around on RealGM and I read this:


Donnie Walsh is close to delivering Andre Miller a formal offer for the one-year, $5.8 million midlevel exception, feeling there is a chance of stealing him. The Sixers will not offer Miller more than a one-year deal.



Now I know we supposedly have too many guards on this team, but this is the same Andre Miller that many people here were drooling over (albeit a version that's a year older, now 33) as a very good complement to Monta in the backcourt. With his ability to pretend to guard the SG he could really help our defense.

Seriously though, that seems like a very good price for a player of his caliber, and he would instantly be our best option at PG. Would he stunt the development of Monta and Curry, with Nelson likely to hand over the lion's share of the PG minutes to the veteran? Yeah, probably. Is that a big problem? I'm not so sure...



So first let's just be honest and say that if he is thinking about re-signing with Philly for one year, or going to the Knicks for one year, chances are that we will have to pony up two years at the full MLE to spark some interest (no guarantee he would come play here, but it's not that often that players turn down double what they could make elsewhere so we'd have a shot). I'm not sure if that's a wise investment at this point in his career, but let's take a look at some of the numbers and see if we can't come up with a consensus here.

Here are his per 36 stats from his rookie year to last season.

Per 36 Minutes

2093 5.8 13.0 .449 0.2 0.8 .204 3.9 5.0 .774 1.5 3.4 4.8 8.2 1.4 0.3 2.9 3.3 15.7
2848 5.7 12.6 .452 0.2 0.8 .266 4.7 5.7 .833 1.2 3.4 4.6 8.3 1.5 0.4 3.3 2.9 16.4
3023 5.6 12.4 .454 0.3 1.0 .253 4.3 5.3 .817 1.3 3.2 4.5 10.5 1.5 0.4 2.9 2.7 15.9
2913 4.7 11.5 .406 0.3 1.3 .213 3.8 4.8 .795 1.0 2.9 3.9 6.6 1.2 0.1 2.5 2.5 13.4
2838 5.5 11.9 .457 0.2 0.8 .185 4.3 5.2 .832 1.6 3.0 4.6 6.4 1.8 0.3 2.7 2.5 15.4
2852 5.4 11.3 .477 0.1 0.5 .154 3.2 3.8 .838 1.3 3.0 4.3 7.2 1.5 0.1 2.8 2.6 14.0
2937 5.0 10.7 .463 0.1 0.3 .185 3.8 5.2 .738 1.1 3.2 4.3 8.3 1.3 0.2 3.1 2.6 13.8
2966 5.1 11.0 .466 0.1 0.4 .143 2.7 3.4 .784 1.2 3.1 4.3 7.6 1.3 0.1 2.7 2.2 13.0
3016 6.8 13.8 .492 0.0 0.4 .088 3.1 4.0 .772 1.1 2.7 3.9 6.7 1.3 0.1 2.5 2.2 16.7
2976 6.0 12.6 .473 0.2 0.6 .283 4.1 4.9 .826 1.5 3.0 4.5 6.5 1.3 0.2 2.4 2.4 16.2

I hope that worked...

So it looks like the guy can score at a decent rate with about average efficiency (TS%54.8 last season) despite not having a 3pt shot, thanks to his ability to get to the line and convert at a high percentage. He rebounds very well for a PG, actually above average for a SG, if you go by Jae's average rebounding rates by position. His assists have been up and down through his career, leading the league at one point, but recently they have been in decline (though still respectable). Still he is more talented as a distributer than anyone else we have on the roster.

I honestly haven't seen the guy play all that much the last couple of years, so I'm curious if someone who's caught more of his games could share a little insight into how he seems to be aging (defense, quickness etc.).

I like him as a player. He's definitely on the downside of his career but I don't think it's crazy to think he has a couple more years left in the tank. The real question is whether or not he makes sense on this team right now. Every option we have at PG is a question mark right now. It seems to me like a solid veteran for two years at the MLE could do a lot to secure the position for us. Yeah, it takes minutes away from Curry, Marco and possibly Morrow, but it could also be the difference between the last pick in the lottery and another trip to the playoffs (if we catch a few breaks).

I've gone back and forth on this one a bit. I'd like to hand Monta the keys and see what he can do this year. Having said that, I'd be lying if I said I was comfortable with our PG situation right now. So with me unable to make up my mind on the issue, I turn to the mighty GSoM. Do you think this would be a wise use of the MLE?

Vote, let your voice be heard!!!

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