Legit proposal........(s)

Alright guys here it is......I feel like its kind of legit or has the makings of a legit propsal for both teams. Before judging this trade please read my reasoning and then make your judgements.


To the Hornets : Monta Ellis

                              Anthony Morrow

                              Brandan Wright

                              Speedy Claxton


To the Warriors: Chris Paul

                              Devin Brown

                              Morris Peterson


That would just be too awesome though, It seems intriguing to me, and I think we could at least get talks started right there. Claxton for Mo Pete seems like a good deal sweetener seeing as it would give the hornets a little over 5 mill in Salary Cap relief after this season. They probably wouldnt play Mo Pete much anyways if they got monta and morrow locking down the 2. Then New Orleans will have successfully added 3 good/potentially great players shed over 5 million but pay the ultimate price for getting rid of CP3. Its not like that team is gonna win a championship before CP's contract expires and I think they've realized this. This could be their opportunity to cash in on some diamonds in the rough, while saving money, and knowing that possibly they might get the better end of the deal when all is said and done.


                              2009 Warriors






Bench : Acie, Mo Pete, Devin Brown


                              2009 Hornets

Monta/Collison                        or                        Collison/Daniels

Morrow/Wright                                                    Monta/Morrow




Bench: Daniels/Claxton/Posey                        Wright/Claxton/Posey


Daniels and Claxton are both expirings worth about 12 million combined , add this to Hilton Armstrong's 2.8, B-Wright's 2.7, Rasaul Butler's 4, and David West's 2 million and that gives them almost 24 mill in flexibility. This could potentially give them enough to resign West at the end of this year since this is his last year as well. At this point if the Hornets dont make moves, they're not gonna have any money for West or any other good free agent to help out CP after this year. This is why that extra 5 mill off the books is critical. Since they are 8 mill over the cap right now that puts them 16 mill under at the end of this year instead of 11. I think they realize this and pull the trigger on my deal. Otherwise it will be extremely hard for them to keep West, and w/o West and no money to spend CP3 will not be able to bring a championship to N.O. during the duration of his contract which has 3 yrs left. Time for the Hornets to sell and the Warriors to swoop!


                          2010 Hornets




West/ BWright

Chandler/1st rounder


After this season, Peja and Tyson are up,  26 mill more off the books


                            2011 Hornets

Collison/First rounder




2010 first rounder/filler


Seems to me its time for the Hornets to rebuild (especially due to their financial situation), and this looks like it could be the starting of a solid core at a good price. This trade doesn't seem all that bad for the Hornets. They'd be instantly young within 2 years, and save tons of money. Monta, West, Morrow, Collison, Wright have two years together under their belt, and they could make a run at the Po's by 2011/12 if they add the right fillers at the right prices. They would also have an exciting team for 09, and 10, with loads of potential. What do you guys think?


Obviously this trade would kick ass for the Dubs because they would be an instant Contender adding the best point guard in the game, and getting rid of the glut of good guards at the one and the two. Curry can learn from the best, and play combo, or we could just trade him .Curry and Mags for Boozer, oh man now were really talking, this means we keep CJ too if we do this trade. I could see Utah doing this one too. Curry gives them a good back up PG with lots of potential, and Mags gives them a legit hard nosed scoring wing. We hate to part with Curry for a one year rental, but we also get rid of Mags contract and could potentially resign Boozer at the end of the year if all works out well.


If the trade goes down too just imagine........drool, drool, drool


CP/CJ                                                                                    Deron/Curry

Jack/Beli                                                                               Brewer/Korver

Randolph/Bookie                                                                Kirilenko/Maggette

Boozer/Randolph                                                                Millsap/Kirilenko

Andris/Turiaf                                                                         Okur/Koufos


Give Nelly his final hoorah with this championship contender............that's a great 9 man rotation!!!  Utah seems like they just got a whole lot more versitile with two legit scoring options off their bench, what better deal will the get for Boozer anyways!!

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