Analyzing the Al Harrington, Šarūnas Jasikevičius,Josh Powell, and Jackson trade for Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Ike Diogu, and Keith McLeod of the Warriors.

This trade definitely changed these two teams.

The main pieces of the trade were Al Harrington, jack, troy Murphy, and mike Dunleavy

Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy were struggling young players

Jackson and Al Harrington were two skilled veterans while I believe the Pacers were trying to dump Jackson because of his shooting incident, and then there was the Pistons/Pacers brawl


Troy Murphy had shown tons of potential to become a 20pts 10reb guy, but he was struggling and Mike Dunleavy had the potential to be a big scoring threat but the Warriors needed some extra scorers and dunleavy and Murphy just weren't showing up when they were needed so they were traded.

Jackson and Harrington were two proven players. Harrington fit very well into the sixth man role, and Jackson fit well in his scoring role, but the Pacers wanted to become younger and build for the future so they made the trade.

Impact on the teams:

Warriors: The Gsw were able to run and gun to the playoffs, so the trade was an immediate success. When the Warriors missed the playoffs though people began to think the gsw were a bad team, so the warriors traded al for Crawford and that was a bad fit. Overall though the playoff run was memorable, and getting Stephen Jackson was a great move because we got our leader out of the trade. Hey but I think that if the Warriors are healthy they could beat out the suns and Houston for the eighth seed. The warriors because of this trade have built a team with good chemistry, a lot of heart, and have became in my opinion the most entertaining team in the league

Pacers: The Pacers didn't have immediate success, but still think it was a good move because they were able to build for the future (which is always a smart move.) The Pacers also traded Jermaine O’Neal, which was a great move because after he injured his knees his numbers plummeted. They also got TJ Ford out of that deal that I think has a very bright future. He could be an 18 pt 8 assist guy easily if he got 35 min a night. Jermaine O’Neal honestly just sucked after that trade he couldn't rebound he only got like 13 pts and 6 rebs. The only thing that he didn't suck at was defense he still managed to get 2 blocks. The Pacers though have built a promising team who I think will make the playoffs with their core of Tj Ford, Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, and Troy Murphy. 

Imagine this lineup

TJ Ford

Mike Dunleavy

Danny Granger

Troy Murphy 

Roy Hibbert 

That is a pretty good lineup

Also I am going to note that Josh Powell, Ike diogu, Keith McLeod, and Šarūnas Jasikevičius played very little roles on their new teams

                                                Thank you for reading

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