Why we should start Ellis & Curry and stick with our team

Last year was a dud, we all know that to be true, trades that didn't work out and injuries at the wrong time however were the main factors. All we can do is look forward and as a Golden State Warriors fan, thats all we seem to be doing these years, always looking forward.

A lot of hype has been given to Stephen Curry and though he was impressive during the summer league, it does not mean much when compared to the regular series (ex. Marco Belinelli's summer league). Its in my opinion that since we have an open spot available at either the 2 or 3, depending on where Stephen Jackson plays next year and Corey Maggette being our 6th again hopefully, that we should move Curry into the starting lineup.

Now don't everybody go biting my head off with having a backcourt of Monta and Curry as our starters because as defensively limited as it sounds, there are ways around it. Not to mention, it is the fastest way to develop Curry's NBA game which is what we all want. Here are several reasons why we should do it and how the Warriors could make it work.

   1) Keep Jackson at the 3 spot - Captain Jack, besides his turnovers, was impressive last year [increasing his points, rebounds and assists while hitting clutch shots (Denver & Cleveland)] and as much as many people may not like it (though not me), he is our point forward. Yes, he played the 2 in Indiana and yes Nelson wants to move him back to his "natural position" but nelson also wants/needs a point forward. Randolph is nowhere near there and Maggette...  ahahahah. Since Don Nelson also plays a switching man-to-man defense, Jackson would still guard the best opposing perimeter player while helping out Curry and Monta with ball-handling duties from the 3 spot.

   2) Zone Defense - We've all seen Nelson installing zone defenses before, a reason being to hide Monta's defensive problems. Why not do it again? Playing a 3-2 zone is what the playoff warriors did several years ago and theres no reason why not do it again to hide Curry and Monta's lack of defense. We have shot blockers and already play a "team rebounding" style.

   3) We are blessed with versatile players... maybe.. Or perhaps its just Nelson forcing players to play out of position.. Kelenna Azubuike playing the 3 (hes a 2), Maggette the 4(hes a 3)... For whatever reasons, should the starting backcourt not work during a specific game, just sub whoever is struggling (most likely  Curry) and sub in a player who fits the 2 guard. (Azubuike, Anthony Morrow,Marco Belinelli - if we keep him).

   4) Cause Nelson is Nellie - Nelson has done stuff like this before!! With the Mavericks he started Steve Nash and Nick Van Exel before.. I also believe prior to his resignation, he played Jason Terry and Devin Harris together. Nelson plays small ball and that is exactly what Curry and Monta would be doing, quick, fast shooting.


Our expectations aren't that high next year so why not take another gamble. We are most likely already going to start Anthony Randolph at 4..why not start Curry and 1 and Monta at 2. The worst case is Curry not being as good aka starter material yet as we all think he is and a bunch of us jumping off his bandwagon. However, if it does work, then Curry's trade value goes up and Monta... all of a sudden becomes expendable.. oooOOOOo

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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