Trade Idea: With Hornets

I was reading a chat on Hoopsworld today someone asked about a trade of Corey Maggette for Julian Wright and Mo Peterson. The guy running the chat said he thought it would be a steal for the Hornets, but personally i wouldn't mind getting rid of Maggette's contract. 

I played around on trade machine and actually noticed two trades that work, so here goes:

Trade 1: Maggette for Julian Wright and Antonio Daniels (A draft pick would be nice, probably a pick in the 20's but next years draft is supposed to be deep and it might make up for the Marcus Williams pick we traded away if we have to give it up next year)


Hornets: The Hornets would do this because they seriously need some scorers especially with how unreliable Peja's back is. I personally even like Maggette's game, especially as a 6th man, but his contract just reaches too far into the future. Hornets are/were in cost cutting mode, but the fact that they traded for Okafor makes me wonder if they would really oppose getting Mags. Also Daniels might not have too many minutes with Darren Collison coming in.

Warriors: Essentially we would do this for expiring contracts, the draft pick, and the "potential" of Julian Wright. Julian Wright's option needs to be picked up if we want him in the future. Daniels is a 34 year old veteran point guard which could provide some stability at times or he could just join our already super crowded back court filled with expiring point guards (Speedy, Law).

2007-08 20 NOH NBA 57 1 11.2 1.6 3.0 .533 0.2 0.4 .417 0.6 0.9 .635 0.6 1.5 2.1 0.7 0.5 0.2 0.6 0.8 3.9
2008-09 21 NOH NBA 54 19 14.3 2.0 4.3 .466 0.0 0.4 .095 0.3 0.6 .567 0.9 2.0 2.8 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.8 0.9 4.4
Career NBA 111 20 12.7 1.8 3.6 .494 0.1 0.4 .267 0.5 0.7 .610 0.7 1.7 2.4 0.7 0.6 0.3 0.7 0.8


Stats per 36



2007-08 20 NOH NBA 57 1 640 5.1 9.5 .533 0.6 1.4 .417 1.9 2.9 .635 1.9 4.7 6.6 2.3 1.6 0.7 1.9 2.4 12.5 2008-09 21 NOH NBA 54 19 772 5.1 10.9 .466 0.1 1.0 .095 0.8 1.4 .567 2.1 4.9 7.1 2.0 1.6 0.9 2.0 2.3 11.1 Career NBA 111 20 1412 5.1 10.3 .494 0.3 1.1 .267 1.3 2.1 .610 2.0 4.8 6.9 2.1 1.6 0.8 2.0 2.3 11.7




I can't remember really seeing him play, but i can confidently say he doesn't scream super star or anything like that. However, apparently he is a hard worker and a nice perimeter defender. I certainly wouldn't mind getting some perimeter defenders on our team and even though he is somewhat raw offensively he is young and can grow and develop with our young guys. (Morrow, Wright, Randolph as workout buddies over the summer would make for some summer entertainment). Wright is 6'8 and 225 pounds, he was the 13th pick in the 2007 nba draft.

Here is what Espn's fantasy projection had to say about him (updated august 25, 2008): 2009 Season Outlook

"When Wright came into the league last season, many of us thought we would see a player who would become a more athletic version of Boris Diaw. Wright is turning into something else altogether: a defensive specialist. We like Wright to help deep-league teams in steals and, to a lesser extent, blocks. Offensively, he is still out of control, as his 4.7 turnovers per game in the summer league demonstrated."

Some other news (updated july 23, 2009)

News: Coach Byron Scott said he might consider starting Wright ahead of Peja Stojakovic next season, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports.
Spin: Wright came on especially strong during the Hornets' final two summer league games, averaging 21.5 points, 5.5 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 steals on 57.6% shooting (19-of-33). "I think this could be a breakout year for Julian," Scott said. "You know Julian is going to be a good player because you see him putting in the work every day. I think that's the No. 1 thing." Stojakovic's lower back has hampered him for two of the past three seasons, and playing less could extend his career.

Trade 2: Maggette for Julian Wright and Mo Peterson (Again a draft pick would be nice too)

Trade is basically the same for both teams except Peterson is a little younger, a shooting guard, and has 2 years at about 6 million a piece of his contract. Peterson has a career average of 11 points per game and is a pretty decent 3 point shooter, but not sure he would be a better addition. I also see the hornets prefering to give up daniels seeing as Darren Collison looks competent enough to be a reserve PG and their needs at shooting guard being greater.

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