Jack trades, based on his requests. Then mine...

Cap'n Jack wants out, so I thought of ways we could let him go while getting decent value back. Since he had some specific requests, I'll address those first, then move onto some other trades I find worthwhile. There are some trades that involve dumping Maggette as well. There are still a lot of trade restrictions that don't go away until Dec 15, so this is a post that assumes Jack will get traded before the season starts. All suggested trades are trade machine approved.

Cleveland/New York:  I looked up and down these rosters, outside of LeBron, there's absolutely nothing I would want from either team. I wasn't looking to make a salary dump with no value in return so I decided to forgo making any trades with these teams. This doesn't mean that the front office won't make a salary dump to appease Jack, although I don't know why they would.


Dallas: Jack+Acie+BWright for Josh Howard

I think this is an awesome trade for us, and for Dallas. We lose front court depth, which sucks. But we get a player who is just as good, if not better than Jack. On top of getting Josh Howard, we also get his contract, which expires at the end of the year.

Losing the front court depth BWright adds makes me apprehensive, but not as much as replacing a leader on and off the court like Jack with Josh Howard. His behavior and motivation have been in question several times in his career, with our young team I'm not sure that's a very good idea.

Dallas just aquired Marion's bad contract, and they still have Dampier's contract for 2 years, so I'm not so sure they want to take on another long term contract for an expiring. However if they want to win this year or the next Jack is the better post season performer. Plus they probably wouldn't have the money to keep Josh Howard after this year, so this ensures they get something back for him. Throw in BWright as an added bonus, Dallas may very well go for this.

Houston: Jack for Battier + Joey Dorsey 

Being from Port. Arthur, Jack would love to go to Houston. We get front court depth in Dorsey, we get help on D and with rebounding in Battier. I honestly don't really like this trade. Battier has 2 years left at around 7 mil a year. Dorsey has 3 left, but he is on a cheap rookie contract. If we made this trade, I would see Maggette starting and Battier being a 6th man, Nellie wants the starting lineup to score. This is the best trade that works for us that I could also see Houston going for, this trade isn't that good. I don't see Jack going to Houston.

San Antonio:  I have two proposals for San Antonio, they focus on the same player, one just involves dumping Corey

Jack+Speedy+ either Acie or George (can't be traded 'til Sept 30) for Richard Jefferson

This trade allows us to trade Jack for another veteran SF who has great offense and solid defense. San Antonio loves Jack, Timmy loves him, Pop loves him, the fans love him. They would probably go for this trade. RJ has two years left on his contract at ~15 mil a year. I'm not sure how I feel about this trade, I wouldn't be disappointed in the least, at the same time I wouldn't be ecstatic about it.

Jack+Corey for RJ+either Finley or Mason Jr.

San Antonio wanted Corey before we signed him, that's not the contract they wanted for him, but getting Jack, who is virtually as good if not better than RJ, for half the money makes this deal. As the dubs we obviously ask for Roger Mason Jr, San Antonio obviously suggests that we take Finley. Both are solid vets on the last year of their deals. Mason Jr is better, Finley is a seasoned vet and a good teammate, good for the locker room. I've only suggested these two trades because Jack wants to be traded. Although I don't think this trade makes us any worse than we are now.

Other Trades

Atlanta: Jack+Corey for Joe Johnson+ Mo Evans (I know, pretty unrealistic)

This is obviously wishful thinking. Both Johnson and Evans are entering the last year of their contracts, and they should have enough money to sign both next season. Obviously we do this because we get two vets, Johnson is a beast, and they are both expiring deals, which would mean we would have over 20 mil in expiring contracts heading into next season. Atlanta probably wouldn't do this trade, I promise this is the most unrealistic trade I propose.

Boston: Jack+Corey for Ray Allen

I really have no idea whether Boston would go for this. Jack isn't that much worse than Ray, plus they also wanted Corey for a 6th man role before we signed him. They aren't worried about having cap relief in the next few years, they are already built to contend for the championship for the next few years. This just adds to their bench scoring and their D. Ray Allen is Ray Allen, but even better he is Ray Allen on the last year of his contract, which would mean we would have over 20 mil in cap space heading into next season. A Monta and Ray Ray backcourt would be Nellie's dream. I love this trade. It also gives more PT to Buike, Steph, and Morrow.

Chicago: Jack for John Salmons

Salmons' contract is expiring so we would obviously do this, it's also 500,000 or so less than Jack's. Chicago probably wouldn't do this, they obviously are looking for cap relief to sign D-Rose long term, this move would definitely be counterproductive.

Orlando: I also have a couple different trade proposals for this one

Jack for MP2, JJ Reddick, and Ryan Anderson 

I know there are a lot of Pietrus haters who would definitely be opposed to this trade. However, he is on a 2 year deal at 5 mil for this season, it may go up or down, I don't know. JJ and Ryan Anderson are on 1 year deals, so more cap relief.

I don't know why I am even putting this next trade up I'm not sure I like it, nor do I think Orlando would go for this

Jack+Corey+BWright For Rashard Lewis+ JJ Reddick

Yuk!!!! I love Lewis as a player, but his contract is wack , and would be counterproductive to clearing cap space. However, having AR and Rashard playing the 4 and the 3 for the next four years would make for an interesting take on Nellie Ball. If we wait until Dec 15 we could have Barnes instead of Reddick.  This move would force Orlando to play BWright, Bass, or Gortat as their PF. However the additions of Jack, Vince, and Corey, as their 6th man, would mean that Lewis' offense would not be missed. I wouldn't be pissed if this trade went down, I'm just not sure it makes us better.

Phoenix: I would first just like to say that I have never proposed reaquiring J-Rich, and have never supported a deal that would do so.... until now.

Jack+Corey for J-Rich and 2 players out of Tucker, Dudley, and Lopez, or we can wait and have Pavlovic at the end of Sept.

We dump Corey and Jack's contracts for J-Rich, and expirings, or one expiring in Pavlovic's case. Phoenix would probably do this. This is decent for us, we all get to wear our J-Rich jersey's to the response of smiles not sad faces.

Jack+BWright+Acie for J-Rich

J-Rich returns, but we lose frontcourt depth

Jack+Speedy for J-Rich

This is the best trade for both teams. We don't give up anything besides Jack and 5 mil in cap relief. Phoenix recieves 5 mil in cap relief towards keeping Amar'e. I would be down for this trade. Monta J-Rich Azu AR AB with Steph Ammo Corey BW Ronny off the bench. That's a good trade for us.

Utah: Jack+Speedy+BWright for AK47

This is the same trade that has been thrown around, except we take out Maggette and add Jack. Sure we have to take on AK's bad contract for 2 years, but I think this trade is lateral at worst, and could actually be a positive. We would start Monta either Buike or Morrow with AK47 AR and AB. Corey comes in for any player between the 2, 3 , and 4 because AK can play the 4. I don't really see us losing anything on offense, Kirilenko in Nellie's system would do wonders for his offensive output. We would see a vast improvement in D and rebounding though.  I don't see why Utah wouldn't make this trade, not only do they get Jack, they also get 5 mil in cap relief next year, and they get BWright. This is a good trade.

Washington: Jack+Azubuike for Caron Butler+Nick Young

I'm not sure Washington goes for this. Losing Buike sucks, I didn't realize he is in the last year of his contract, that's what the trade machine says anyway. We get Butler for 2 years, Young is in the last year of his contract. I would be down for this trade, but the Wiz would probably pass.


So these are just some ideas that I came up with after getting pissed about Jack's demands. I'm not putting up a damned poll because they are now overused, I'm more interested in feedback through comments

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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