Trade Ideas, Youth Movement, I don't care about Jack


>Since Stephen Jackson want out is a good thing. So i am going to put up some trade ideas,
and it will work because i check the salary cap situation...
Notice i put the position of player before the player name and years left on contract after...........

Tell me what do you think?

.......Warriors and Wizards.........

(F)Stephen Jackson(4), 20pts, 6ast, 5reb.
(F)Corey Maggette(4), 18pts, 1ast, 5 reb
(F)Caron Butler(2), 20pts, 4ast, 6reb.
(C)Brendan Haywood(1), 9pts, 7reb, 2blks


got 5 year of G. Arenas and 3 for Jamison. With this trade the wizard
will be a better and stay being contenders for next 3-4 years. Caron
only have 2 years left,and wizard cant cash him out unless they dump
there young talent. With a starting 5 of Arenas, Jackson, Maggette,
Jamison, and Blatche or McGee. That is a lot of scoring/experience
players. By looks on there roster they not even contenders for the free
agent 2010.

>-Warriors will get a shorter contract in Caron
butler, and an All-star caliber player. And with a center like Haywood
he will bring us size in the paint that we lack when needed.The shorter
contract is key.

..........Warriors and Houston...........

(F)Stephen Jackson(4), 20pts, 6ast, 5reb.
(F)Corey Maggette(4), 18pts, 1ast, 5 reb.
(G)Speedy Claxton(1), ?pts, ?ast, ?reb.
(G/F) Tracy McGrady(1) 15pts, 5ast, 375% 3pa
Throw in some draft picks ROCKETS!!!


must hate T-MAC that injury prune ass. This would add more depth and
turn things around in Houston. They would be a pretty good team,
starting 5 would be, Brooks,Jackson,Trevor, Battier and Scola . Scola
at center because YAO is gone for the year! and maggette will be 6 man.

this is basically a salary dump nothing more and also youth movement,
if T-Mac can come back this year and stay healthy we have a 25pts plus
player at the forward position. Even if he's not 100%. the youth
movement will take flight, and minutes will be distribute to our young
players for experience. With T-Mac Expiring contract and the draft
picks we can get from them, we will be 100% youth movement.THIS TRADE

.........Warriors and Memphis...........

(F)Stephen Jackson(4), 20pts, 6ast, 5reb.
(C)Hamed Haddadi(2) , (7'2 Rookie Status player)
(PF/C) Steven Hunter(1), (Dont Matter Salary Dump)


just drafted Rookie center Thabeet. They have a Center/PF in Marc
Gasol, and Arther and Zach Randolph for Power Forward. They got bigs
alrdy, why not give your young big with upside that they not going to
utilize to the warriors. In return they receive the an additional
scorer. They might do this because its obviously not about saving money
for them, they traded an expiring contract guy for Zach Randolph.

, Give us a 7 foot 2 guy, young talent. basically size we need when we
need it. and did i mention young with upside. Jackson dont wanna play
with us anyway. lets dump salary and go youth movement. Steven Hunter
just a salary dump no need to mention just needed him to make the
salary to match and work out. LETS GO YOUTH MOVEMENT

YouthMovement, Just look at blazer position right now and thunders.

LETS GO YOUTH MOVEMENT....Its Finally Time to rebuild to build for not only playoffs,
but forthe ultimate goal for warrior fan, bring home a championship.

Im still mad about the belli trade, but with stat jack gone ,
we finally can give experience to the youth.

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