Pet Peeves

The experience of participating in a blog community is like a ground hog day experience. You hear the same things over and over again. Some things that normally would not bother you, start bothering you when you have to read it for the hundredth time. Even things you agree with starts bothering you. You get online hoping to see a fresh angle, an original thought, and you get repeats of "Did you know I've been struck by lighting 7 times?"

For better or worse, here are my pet peeves:

1) People who praises AR to the stars and don't give any credit to Nelson and wants to run him out of town.

Coach and player are connected. AR needs coaching. If he's doing well, Nelson did something right.

AR would not get any playing time at PF in a traditional system. He's too skinny. And as we've seen AR was way too wild to play SF. The strange but true fact is that AR played and developed more as a rookie under Nellie than he would have under almost any other coach.

Adam L, are you listening?

I would love to see Nellie coaching JaMarcus Rusell. This would be Nelson's first words to JaMarcus: Shape up you slob and come to Pritikins with me.  

2) The entire Mercury News Fast Break posts. Comically idiotic self congratulatory posts and musings aside, the blog format is ridiculously stone aged. It's a classic misnomer. There is nothing Fast or Breaking to be found.

Also see my comment on repeating the comments over and over... Son of Akhmed, we got it the first 10 times.

This should be a Golden Rule of Blogging: If you have made the same argument 10 times, for the next 10 times, you have to make the opposite argument. 

3) Tim K.

I love TK. I hate TK. How can he be so good and so bad at the same time? 

I think TK is actually the biggest band wagoner there is. As soon as the team is doing well, he'll jump on. As soon as it's bad.... let the s hit the fan. 

But hey, your guess is as good as mine. TK's psychiatrist..... If you want to post and spare us more anguish, use the code name: deep K hole. Thank you in advance.

4) Our collective inability to come up with a good nick name for Curry.  

Why can't he be like... Chris "It's a great time out" Webber? Or something simple like Stack Jack? Spree is now a verb describing a 5 finger squeezing action around someone's neck as in: the victim was Spreed.

I am going put this down as a big character flaw for Curry: he is too good a citizen for any cool name to stick. Let's hope Curried is the new verb for being skewered with last minute game icing bombs. Stack Jack to Steph and he just Curried the Raptors with a 25 footer.

5) This post itself. Why do I feel compelled to write anything? I probably have 100 more important things to do right now.




This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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