2k9-2k10 Around the Association is coming...


80 days? We only need 29 to go around the association for our 2k9-2k10 NBA Preview!

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Jump for the 4-1-1!

This September we're taking you Around the Association in 29 days here at Golden State of Mind. Each day in addition to your regularly scheduled NBA and Golden State Warriors coverage we'll be previewing a different squad's 2k9-2k10 season.

Here's the (likely) schedule with some shots to our brother sites to satisfy your hoops hunger in the mean time:

Tuesday Sep 1st- Atlanta Hawks [Peachtree Hoops]

Wednesday Sept 2nd- Boston Celtics [CelticsBlog]

Thursday Sep 3rd- Charlotte Bobcats [Rufus on Fire]

Friday Sep 4th- Chicago Bulls [Blog a Bull]

Saturday Sep 5th- Cleveland Cavaliers [Fear the Sword]

Sunday Sep 6th- Dallas Mavericks [Mavs Moneyball]

Monday Sep 7th- Denver Nuggets [Denver Stiffs]

Tuesday Sep 8th- Detroit Pistons [Motown String Music]

Wednesday Sep 9th- Houston Rockets [The Dream Shake]

Thursday Sep 10th- Indiana Pacers [Indy Cornrows]

Friday Sep 11th- Los Angeles Clippers [Clips Nation]

Saturday Sep 12th- Los Angeles Lakers [Silver Screen and Roll]

Sunday Sep 13th- Memphis Grizzlies [Straight Outta Vancouver]

Monday Sep 14th- Miami Heat [Peninsula is Mightier]

Tuesday Sep 15th- Milwaukee Bucks [Brew Hoop]

Wednesday Sep 16th- Minnesota Timberwolves [Canis Hoopus]

Thursday Sep 17th- New Jersey Nets

Friday Sep 18th- New Orleans Hornets [At the Hive]

Saturday Sep 19th- New York Knicks [Posting and Toasting]

Sunday Sep 20th- Oklahoma City Stolen Sonics [Welcome to Loud City]

Monday Sep 21st- Orlando Magic [Third Quarter Collapse]

Tuesday Sep 22nd- Philadelphia 76ers [Liberty Ballers]

Wednesday Sep 23rd- Phoenix Suns [Bright Side of the Sun]

Thursday Sep 24th- Portland Trail Blazers [Blazersedge]

Friday Sep 25th- Sacramento Kings [Sactown Royalty]

Saturday Sep 26th- San Antonio Spurs [Pounding the Rock]

Sunday Sep 27th- Toronto Raptors [Raptors HQ]

Monday Sep 28th- Utah Jazz [SLC Dunk]

Tuesday Sep 29th- Washington Wizards [Bullets Forever]


This will all of course lead up to our grand finale in October where we'll take a team-by-team look at every squad in the NBDL.


I Love This League!

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Too exciting for you? Okay, maybe we should just leave that job for our ridiculous friends over at Ridiculous Upside

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