Flights of fancy....

As many of you will recall, we had a season ticket holder meeting with Robert Rowell at the end of the season this year, where some very interesting things came to light and quite a bit of interest was generated in the overview thereafter....

With the events of the last few days, something suddenly clicked and I asked myself.... "what if....nah....surely not....."

One of the key things Robert Rowell said during the meeting was;  "SIGNIFICANT changes were going take place over the summer".... he advised that no one in the front office was happy with the season we just had and were just as disappointed as fans and so there "has to be significant changes..."

So lets look at that shall we....has this off-season produced "SIGNIFICANT" changes to the GSW team? I would have to say no....

This therefore lead me to my moment of question and disbelief above.......

What if....part of the major changes that needed to occur were indeed the possible trade of Andris, which has yet to/may not happen and WHAT IF..... the front office advised Stephen Jackson that he was likely to be traded?

Now I have been pretty disgusted with Jackson if this is in fact his decision, but MAYBE, just maybe... he has been told something that no one else yet knows....

If you were him and you had found out that you may be traded having agreed a deal to stay at the club just last year, wouldnt you be just a little ticked off with the organisation? Therefore.... you would want to make the first public move, to make it seem like it is "HIS" decision to leave, rather than the clubs?

So this takes us back to the FO.....who to be honest, wont look good in either case below, no matter what the outcome for the following reasons:

1: If they have told him he is outta here at the first opportunity, is this really sensible? considering you just granted a huge contract extension just last year!!!!

2: The FO has such a poor read and understanding of it's players that it does not realise it is being played by the players? In which case....that's simply embarassing....

OR..... and here is the kicker....

The FO is taking the hugest gamble of all in the next few weeks... where they create a package or packages of players like "Andris, Claxton, George", and another one of  "Jackson, Wright, Law, Moore" etc (create your own versions) in order to try and go for TWO reasonably big name players to compliment our young guns in Randolph, Ellis, Morrow and Curry?.....  So far this offseason the FO really has not done anything of any major significance and maybe just MAYBE we have yet to see a HUGE trade deal that truly changes the face of the Warriors this year....

Optimistic.....maybe....likely? Probably not..... But if the FO was in fact the group that has created this latest drama by advising Jackson is going to be traded... then Jackson can hardly be blamed for his actions...

IF, however he (Stephen Jackson) has indeed played this club for the cash and is now looking to take the money and is a sign that no matter how "Pimp" the suit may be...once it comes off, all you are left with, is a punk that has chosen to thumb his nose at the very fanbase that adopted him as their own, when pretty much every other fan in the NBA could not stand him...

So yes this may be "flight of fancy" or "pipe dream".... but the front office is either going to prove it means to stand by it's words.... OR.... we can chalk it up to yet another Robert Rowell BS statement where his Front Office's "Business" skillsets have just been given the crossover and now are not only flat footed but stumbling into the front row ...bloodied....battered....bruised and just a little sore in the rear.....

While this is a lot of IF's, BUT's and MAYBE's...has anyone else thought this may in fact be part of a wider picture we have yet to see???

Is this the precursor to a huge trade deal before or in the early part of the season? thus possibly needing more credit than we might have otherwise given them to date.....

Or.... did Rowell and co.... just get punked.....AGAIN! In which case Mr Cohan.... do you REALLY want to become known as the owner of the most incompetant Front Office in sports history??

Time will tell.....

Oh and one last thing.... would it really be that hard to get a freaking mascot again this year? Paint the damn blue suit Gold, Give him a blue streak on his head and call him "Lightning" Son of Thunder!! Is it really that hard to see such a simple solution???? Answer to the second question above may also in fact answer this question as well.....

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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